Remote monitoring with Alimak Service

Remote monitoring with Alimak Service

Alimak Service is a global leader in vertical access service solutions, providing a full range of service, parts and training solutions to owners and operators of Alimak Group equipment. What’s more, all Alimak Service solutions are delivered by a global service support network across 100 countries with the mission to ensure the highest level of product uptime and safety over the total life cycle of all equipment.

Remote monitoring is available as part of Alimak Service’s asset management servicing offering. Remote monitoring is an online platform specifically designed to monitor vertical access equipment. The remote monitoring portal collects and displays a wide variety of operational information and data, such as the number of starts and stops and hours in operation, to provide owners with an accurate analysis of the utilisation of their equipment. Moreover, remote monitoring also serves as a fault tracing tool to support the remote diagnosis of equipment to avoid unnecessary site visits and keep downtime to a minimum.

The supplementary benefits of implementing remote monitoring and management into operations on a construction or industrial site include decreased cost of ownership as faults are identified early and can be corrected before a major system overhaul is required. Additionally, the performance insights provided by the remote monitoring system can assist in decision making surrounding the equipment, such as when an additional system or upgrade may be required.

Many of Alimak’s projects have successfully utilised the remote monitoring system to assist in maintaining an optimal level of efficiency. In a construction application, the Bosco Verticale building development in Milan, Italy, demonstrates the benefits of the technology. During the construction of the two skyscrapers, two Alimak construction hoists were utilised, each fitted with a remote monitoring system to overcome the challenge of keeping hoist downtime to a minimum and meeting the construction deadline. The system regularly sent activity reports back to the job site engineers, ensuring that any potential issues were rectified swiftly.

Similarly, the monitoring system was equally helpful in an industrial application for the Boliden’s Aitik mine expansion project. A total of seven Alimak industrial elevators were delivered to the site in Sweden, each equipped with the monitoring technology for the efficient operation of the elevators around the clock.

Alimak Service and Alimak continuously invest in further developing the remote monitoring solution to offer new features bringing additional customer value. Contact the Alimak Service team to learn more about how the remote monitoring system could aid the operations of your Alimak equipment.

Alimak Service coordinates replacement facade access system for One Oxford Centre

Alimak Service coordinates replacement facade access system for One Oxford Centre

The One Oxford Centre is one of the most well-known structures in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. The 187-meter-tall building, built-in 1983, houses a variety of commercial firms and high-end merchants. The skyscraper has a radiant appearance that is reported to be greater than any other high-rise in the country, thanks to forty-three 1,500-watt spotlights that use 54,500 watts of energy to illuminate the structure. The One Oxford Centre’s common areas and amenities have recently undergone extensive modifications to appeal to progressive and modern technology enterprises.

Alimak Service, the global leader in vertical access service solutions, coordinated the delivery of a modern facade access system to replace the existing solution consisting of four twin arm rolling davit units which dated back to the construction of the building in the 1980s. Alongside CoxGomyl, Alimak Service was able to deliver a unique and cost-effective solution that utilised a creative method of installation that best suited the challenges of the established building.

Hellmuth, Obata, and Kassabaum created the building’s architecture to give the impression of four different towers, each with its own roof space. Through the expert offering of support services and consultation for the safe installation of permanent and temporary equipment, Alimak Service installed four twin jib building maintenance units, one for each of these roof terraces, each capable of travelling over the roof’s outer border on a track system.

The congested situation of the mature city needed a unique installation technique for each unit, which weighed more than 6 tonnes. Alimak Service deployed an air crane, a specific type of helicopter capable of efficiently transporting huge loads. This strategy necessitated extensive logistics planning, including the location of the staging area, the flight path, and the necessary traffic closures. Similarly, the team had to make sure that the roof sections of the One Oxford Centre were secure and clean for the crew to securely land each unit on the small flange twin track system, with all staff removed from the top three floors for added safety.

Learn more about Alimak Service’s provision of expert installation services, or contact the team to discuss how we can assist in the maintenance of your vertical or facade access equipment.

Training courses for operators of building maintenance units

Training courses for operators of building maintenance units

Alimak Service is a global leader in vertical access service solutions. Alimak Service provides a full range of service, parts, and training solutions, delivered by a global service support network across 100 countries.

It is Alimak Service’s belief that owner and operator training assists in upholding product quality and personal safety. As a driving force in the vertical and facade access industries, our technicians are dedicated to promoting the highest standards and work closely with several leading safety organisations to ensure the training content delivered adheres to or exceeds regulatory and legislative framework.

As the chosen service provider for Manntech and CoxGomyl, the leaders in premium facade access solutions, Alimak Service offers courses which are an essential for duty holders and operators of building maintenance units. The benefits of undertaking BMU specific training courses are abundant. Upon successful completion, owners and operators can benefit from increased safety, improved productivity, and boosted morale due to increased confidence.

Operator Basic Online Training

Participants in this 45-minute online course will learn about the obligations of BMU operators, with emphasis on how to operate CoxGomyl and Manntech BMU equipment safely, as well as how to comprehend essential instruction documents. Across six units, further topics covered include BMU components and operational regulations and legislations. Upon completion of this course, a certificate is issued with a validity of 24 months, with refresher courses required upon expiry.

Duty Holder Online Training

Students will get a grasp of the responsibility of the Duty Holder in this 45-minute online course which highlights the obligations that come with owning and operating a BMU. Specific topics covered include the requirement of safe usage and recordkeeping including an overview of the varying responsibilities between the duty holder and operator. This option is suitable for owners located outside of Australia and the UK. Upon completion of this course, a certificate is issued with a validity of 36 months, with refresher courses required upon expiry.

Duty Holder In-Person Course

Available in both Australia and the United Kingdom, the Duty Holder course outlined above can also be undertaken as a full day course in groups of four. Alimak Service’s training team will provide a comprehensive understanding of how to best own and operate a CoxGomyl or Manntech facade access system, with a certification awarded on completion which is valid for 36 months.

Alimak Service’s building maintenance training courses provide an opportunity to further improve upon the skills and knowledge of Manntech and CoxGomyl facade access equipment. Learn more about the wider range of training courses available.

The benefits of utilising genuine spare parts

The benefits of utilising genuine spare parts

Alimak Service is the world’s leading provider of vertical access service solutions. Alimak Service offers a comprehensive range of services through a global service support network of more than 100 countries. Our objective is to ensure the highest level of product uptime and safety throughout the entire life cycle of all Alimak Group equipment, including Alimak, CoxGomyl, Manntech, and Avanti.

Alimak Group’s vertical access solutions are designed and manufactured in 12 production facilities utilising the highest quality OEM components. Alimak Service, as a leading maintenance provider, provides genuine spare parts for all equipment services.

Alimak Service technicians guarantee ensure that these genuine spare parts are sourced directly from our product factories, ensuring that the original criteria are met for optimal performance. Moreover, with such a vast global network, Alimak Service can provide superior parts availability, reducing downtime on construction and industrial sites.

Outside of Alimak Service’s general commitment to sourcing high quality, genuine parts quickly, there is an abundance of benefits of employing genuine spare parts.

Lower total cost of ownership

By utilising replacement parts from a competitor brand, owners of Alimak Group equipment may save money in the short term. However, these parts will likely require more frequent maintenance as they aren’t explicitly designed for the intended use. As a result, repeated care or replacement may be required, adding up in the long run.

Constant Innovation

Alimak Service ensures that when sourcing replacement parts that the most up-to-date version is offered. OEMs are often updated as developments are made in the relevant technology and research fields. The same cannot be guaranteed for aftermarket parts.

Guaranteed compliance

Parts sourced from aftermarket retailers may not be covered by any applicable Alimak Group warranties. By utilising genuine spare parts from Alimak Service’s network, owners can continue to benefit from warranty when appropriate.

Increased safety

Alimak Service prioritises the safety of all operators of Alimak Group vertical access products. Unfortunately, the use of imitation parts can compromise the equipment’s overall security due to poor manufacturing, materials, or overall quality, placing operators at risk of hazards or machine failure.

Learn more about Alimak Service’s utilisation of genuine spare parts, or contact the Alimak Service team to discuss the implementation of a maintenance or servicing schedule for your Alimak Group equipment.


Alimak Service offers industry-leading training courses

Alimak Service offers industry-leading training courses

Alimak Service is a global leader in vertical access service solutions, providing a full range of service, parts, and training solutions through a worldwide service support network across 100 countries. The Alimak Service mission is to ensure the highest level of product uptime and safety over the total life cycle of all Alimak Group equipment.

As part of a full-service solution offering, Alimak Service offers competence-based training to support the safe operation, maintenance, and installation of Alimak, CoxGomyl, Manntech and Avanti equipment. These courses are available in person and online to ensure that all owners and operators can stay up to date with the safest operating and maintenance procedures.

As a driving force in the vertical access industry, Alimak Service is dedicated to promoting the highest training standards. As such, a range of courses is delivered alongside leading safety and industry organisations to ensure that all content provided adheres to or exceeds the regulatory and legislative framework.

Global Wind Organisation (GWO) courses

Alimak Service has partnered with the GWO, the leading non-profit body founded by leading wind turbine manufacturers and operators, to provide courses covering First Aid, Working at Heights, Manual Handling and Fire Awareness. These courses are specially designed to allow knowledge to perform safe and compliant work in the wind industry and environment.

International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) courses

For owners and operators of Alimak products, Alimak Service offers IPAF accredited courses. IPAF promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide, providing technical advice, safety, and training. The classes are available for operators and installers of construction hoists and mast climbing work platforms.

In addition to these externally accredited courses, Alimak Service also offers courses tailored to Alimak Group’s products, which are available in classroom and online formats and specifically designed for operators, including Avanti service lifts, Alimak hoists and Manntech and CoxGomyl building maintenance units. Additionally, some courses are now available as remote learning, which provides a combined approach of video sessions with practical exercises.

While these courses can be completed in a few hours, they provide specific and detailed information essential for each product’s safe operation. What’s more, each of these Alimak Service training certificates are generally valid for a minimum of 24 months upon completion.

Refresher courses

Alimak Service also offer a range of refresher courses through theoretical and practical training with the purpose to refresh the participants previously gained knowledge and basic skills. This is important to keep safety standards high and knowledge up to date. Example refresher courses include First Aid, Manual Handling, Working at Heights and Fire Awareness.

View the range of Alimak Service training courses online and register your interest.

Extend the life and ensure optimal performance of an industrial elevator

Extend the life and ensure optimal performance of an industrial elevator

Alimak is a worldwide leading brand for industrial elevators built to withstand challenging environments over many years of use. Any equipment, however, will naturally be subject to aging. With technology constantly evolving, components may become surpassed by emerging advances in vertical access engineering.

Alimak Service offers an extensive programme of refurbishment and upgrade solutions that can effectively extend the life and improve the performance of aging industrial elevators. This can be a cost-effective solution in place of a complete elevator replacement.

Alimak Service can commonly return industrial elevators to factory-standard. This further leverages your investment in a reliable vertical access system and minimises the expense and downtime associated with unscheduled repairs or declining performance of aging equipment. A refurbishment or upgrade will often enhance the performance of ageing industrial elevators. Upgrades across mechanical and structural systems can increase efficiency and positively impact productivity. The focus might also include upgrades to electrical and control systems.

Refurbishment starts with a full inspection and evaluation, followed by a detailed proposal that gets to the heart of making cost-effective decisions. Depending on the condition of the equipment and the application’s demands, a complete overhaul or partial refurbishment and upgrades. Even a limited scope focussing on key components can improve the performance and functionality of an industrial elevator, especially in cases where the original components have become obsolete or can no longer practically be repaired.

Work is fully warranted and completed in line with the latest industry standards, always carried out by highly qualified experts in industrial elevators. Safety is always the primary concern for any vertical access system. Every refurbishment project includes upgrades to the latest available safety features.

Refurbishment and upgrade projects use only genuine Alimak spare parts sourced from service centres across 100 countries to protect every industrial elevator’s integrity, performance, and safety over the long term. Where necessary for extensive or custom refurbishments, Alimak Service can draw on eleven manufacturing and assembly facilities in eight countries for state-of-the-art technology.

Alimak Service’s technicians are experienced at working with users to develop a comprehensive refurbishment plan tailored to your schedule, individual needs on each site, and the service demands on the vertical access system. They aim to work with you to achieve optimal performance with the minimum disruption to everyday operations.

Contact us to find out more about how Alimak Service can extend the life of your industrial elevator.

Alimak Service coordinate replacement building maintenance systems for Lloyd’s of London building

Alimak Service coordinate replacement building maintenance systems for Lloyd’s of London building

The Lloyd’s of London building is an essential centrepiece of the London Central Business District. Recognised with Grade 1 listed status, the building’s facade is a prominent example of Britain’s modern architectural style in the last half a century, creating a contrast to the country’s significant historical buildings. Alimak Service’s Cento team, in partnership with BMU manufacturer Manntech, recently replaced the tired facade access system to continue the maintenance of the Richard Rogers designed building into the future.

The pre-existing 35-year-old building maintenance units (BMUs) had been in place since the Lloyds building’s completion in 1985. This project saw challenges, including the requirement of replacement without pausing daily operations of the internal offices and trading floor, while navigating the needs of working on a heritage-listed building and considering the loading limits of the building.

Alimak Service’s Cento team was integral in the implementation process to overcome these challenges, having previously provided maintenance and service solutions for the original facade access system on the Lloyds building. This Cento Engineering Group was recently acquired by Alimak Group, however had worked alongside Alimak Service as a service operator in the UK for 20 years, providing installation, maintenance, spare parts, and inspections to facade access systems. The team’s specific knowledge of the building was used to plan the complex BMU replacement effectively. The new system was installed with multiple crane lifts and innovative working approaches such as a suspended scaffold platform; coordinated by the expert Alimak Service technicians.

As a result, Alimak Service’s Cento team together with Manntech delivered a custom facade access solution consisting of 17 building maintenance units in total. Of the 17, six underslung BMUs were installed on the underside of concrete capping beams. A further four track-mounted BMUs utilised the pre-existing track system with the addition of telescopic jibs. Six larger crane-type BMUs are mounted on the building’s feature towers. Finally, a single crane-type BMU with a telescopic jib was installed above the atrium section, with a bespoke design required to minimise total weight.

Overcoming installation challenges for a replacement BMU at 200 Clarendon, Boston

Overcoming installation challenges for a replacement BMU at 200 Clarendon, Boston

Installation of Building Maintenance Units on existing, long-established buildings and structures always presents specific challenges. Commonly, issues are associated with the lack of construction equipment on-site for heavy lifting and the time pressures of completing work with the minimum disruption to everyday business.

As the service provider for the Alimak Group, consisting of the leading names in the vertical access industry such as CoxGomyl, Alimak Service is uniquely qualified to deliver custom service solutions for any project. This was recently demonstrated during the installation of a replacement BMU for the 200 Clarendon building (formerly known as the John Hancock Tower) in Boston.

The Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) had to be positioned in a designated parking area around the existing track in the centre of the roof. The additional complications of antennas, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment made an installation by helicopter or derrick crane unfeasible. Therefore, the BMU itself was designed to present manageable parts which could be transported to the roof via the elevators. This still left a 25-metre journey from the roof hatch to the installation site with HVAC equipment blocking a clear path, with antennas and wires also making a route around the units impractical.

A rigging scaffold was designed to facilitate direct transport of the BMU parts into position by hoisting over HVAC units. Time was a significant factor, and the rigging scaffold was therefore equipped with two beams and two motorised trollies. This allowed two crews to work simultaneously with one group lifting the BMU parts through the hatch while the second crew worked on BMU assembly in the parking area.

The BMU crossbar middle section and platform presented an additional challenge in that, at 11 metres and 20 metres respectively, they could not be transported via the elevators. The Alimak Service team, therefore, developed a solution using the old BMU to lift the crossbar under the platform area with special outriggers used to lift it into place.

To lift the platform, the new BMU had to be partially commissioned to make use of the hoist functionality. The wire ropes were lowered to ground level with tensioning weights attached to mullion guides. There, the wire ropes were connected to the platform and a weight test was performed. This allowed for operators to safely board the platform during the hoisting process to monitor the mullion guides.

Both of these complex installation procedures were each completed in a day and the installation as a whole was completed in under two weeks.

Contact Alimak Service or the project team at CoxGomyl and Manntech, to discuss the project management and installation processes for your building access project.

Meticulous installation planning for a new replacement BMU for Rockefeller Center

Meticulous installation planning for a new replacement BMU for Rockefeller Center

1271 Avenue of the Americas, previously known as the Time & Life Building, is an important historic part of the American built environment. In 1959 it became the first of four new towers which expanded the iconic Rockefeller Center. Reaching 587 feet (179 metres) and 48 floors, the green glass facade remains a vibrant part of New York City life to this day.

When it became clear a modern new facade access system was required to protect this jewel in the Manhattan cityscape, CoxGomyl were entrusted with developing and executing a carefully considered building access solution appropriate to the special requirements of installation on an existing structure, and all within a tight time frame. This type of BMU replacement project brings with it specific challenges which together the CoxGomyl and Alimak Service team (the installers) are well experienced in navigating.

Drawing on a range of installation methods and pre-planned strategies, Alimak Service were able to deliver an improved facade access solution with prompt and smooth delivery. The comprehensive facade access system for 1271 Avenue of the Americas encompasses two CoxGomyl Building Maintenance Units which were selected and adapted for the parameters of the building throughout design, manufacture and installation.

The first BMU is located at the eighth-floor terrace. A compact design was a critical requirement due to an existing garage structure which the BMU would be housed within when in parked position. Throughout the process, the garage dimensions were considered to ensure the BMU could be practically stored. The compact design also allowed for smooth installation with the use of an 80-ton street crane.

The second Building Maintenance Unit is situated at roof level. In order to achieve the required functionality, precise planning was required to transport the BMU to its permanent position. All components were calculated in size and weight to be transported through the building using the existing elevators, bringing them as far as a loading dock one level below the roof itself. From there, most components were lifted through a roof hatch utilising an aluminium gantry and an electric hoist.

The expertise in pre-planning, logistics and practical know-how allowed for this challenging project to be completed in just three weeks. Alimak Service together with CoxGomyl coordinated transport of the equipment to the site, unloading and lifting into position, all the way through to installation. Every inch of the route was meticulously planned, taking into account the dimensions of every door and roof hatch opening, elevator sizes and weight capacities, all working in conjunction with a qualified and experienced rigger to ensure there was no damage to the building or the BMU components.