Alimak Service operator training courses now available through IPAF

Alimak Service operator training courses now available through IPAF

Alimak Service offers high-quality, competence-based training designed to support best practice operation for owners and operators of vertical access equipment. Offered both online and in the classroom, the training courses available from Alimak Service focus on a range of topics including safety training, technical training and operator training, and are accessible around the world.

Alimak Service partners with leading organisations within the vertical access industry to provide in-depth training that meets local and industry requirements. One such organisation is the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), an internationally recognised industry body committed to the promotion of the ‘safe and effective use of powered access equipment in the widest sense’. The IPAF association aids owners and operators of vertical access equipment to remain compliant through the provision of technical advice, training programs and safety initiatives. Two training courses run by IPAF on behalf of Alimak Service are now available globally, which are the IPAF hoist operator and IPAF mast climbing work platform (MCWP) training courses.

IPAF hoist operator training
Suitable for completion in just one day, the IPAF hoist operator training course provides the knowledge and instructions required for participants to become qualified operators of a specified construction hoist whilst undergoing training on hazard management, safe working practices and construction hoist parts. Upon successful completion of the course, the participants will be awarded an IPAF Hoist Operator licence for the specified equipment type and the issue of an IPAF card.

Suitable for 2-4 students at a time, the IPAF hoist operator training course covers:

  • Relevant health and safety frameworks and requirements as well as guidance for the design, supply, use and management of construction hoists
  • How to safely and competently operate the specified construction hoist
  • Best practice emergency procedures in an event of an emergency for construction hoists and how to deploy them effectively
  • Daily inspections and construction hoist parts

IPAF MCWP operator training
This course offers operators training that is specific to the various types of mast climbing work platforms and is completed over a minimum of four hours. The IPAF MCWP operator training course promotes safe working practices and provides participants with knowledge of the correct procedures during emergencies or when hazards arise. When the course has been successfully completed, the participant will receive an IPAF Operator Licence and be issued an IPAF card.

The IPAF MCWP operator training course is available for 2-4 participants at a time and covers:

  • Health and safety frameworks and regulations and how to use and manage MCWPS
  • Safe and competent work practices for the operation of mast climbing work platforms
  • The correct emergency procedures and systems of a MCWP to enable its safe operation in an emergency
  • Pre-use and daily inspections of mast climbing work platforms

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Tailored service solutions for vertical access systems at Landmark Pinnacle, London

Tailored service solutions for vertical access systems at Landmark Pinnacle, London

The comprehensive service and support solutions provided by Alimak Service have played a key role in the construction of Landmark Pinnacle residential skyscraper in the heart of London’s Docklands. The 239-metre tower will become the tallest residential building in Europe and at 75 storeys, will also have more habitable floors than any other residential building on the continent. A construction project of this scale requires a range of appropriate vertical access solutions and the expertise and excellence in servicing to keep the vertical access equipment operating reliably and efficiently.

Four high-functioning Alimak construction hoists were purchased, with a fifth hired later in the project, all of which shared a common tower. This helped save space on an already congested ground floor podium area and along with a staggered hoist strategy, also helped to minimise costs and maximise efficiency. In conjunction with the 75 storey 5mtr x 5mtr Common Tower; the project included the supply of a high speed Alimak Scando 650 FCS XL (2mtr wide hoist) with a travel speed of 100m/min. Amongst the other passenger goods hoists supplied, was a large specialist twin mast TM Mammoth hoist with a capacity of 5,500kg and a volume of 45m³.

Two CoxGomyl building maintenance units (BMUs) mounted on a central twin track were also supplied for ongoing facade maintenance, facade cleaning and emergency glass replacement. These machines will be used by the client for routine cleaning and building maintenance requirements for many years to come.

The comprehensive package provided by Alimak Service initially began with the installation of the common tower and construction hoists. The Common Tower installation (which is normally installed by hand) was assisted on this project by the tower crane, with the construction hoists being erected in a sequence that maintained vertical access for personnel and material throughout the project with minimal downtime. The program required the installation to keep up with the concrete frame installation of constructing one floor per week.

Beyond the initial installation and training of operators, Alimak Service provided ongoing support to ensure optimal performance through a comprehensive Service package. This encompassed proactive project management and regular preventive maintenance visits on all of the products to ensure productivity was being maintained safely at the highest level.

The project benefited from a locally based service team and access to genuine spare parts for the quickest possible response and minimum downtime. Alimak Service also helped to facilitate the expanded use of the common tower to complete facade infill work to two thirds of the building, requiring tie removal and reinstallation sequencing to be executed whilst vertical material and personnel movements continued. The complete dismantle of the common tower and hoists was completed on time, on budget and safely.

Following the installation of the BMUs, Alimak Service completed extensive testing and certification. Alimak Service will also be providing peace of mind with ongoing protection of this investment in facade access with a service maintenance agreement. The BMU service package is completed with operator and duty holder training.

View the full case study or get in touch with Alimak Service to discuss the comprehensive range of service and support solutions available.

Alimak Service offers expert inspections and parts exchange programs to maintain performance and safety

Alimak Service offers expert inspections and parts exchange programs to maintain performance and safety

Alimak Service is uniquely qualified to deliver the best possible service for the leading brand names across the vertical access industry. This includes fast and convenient access to genuine Avanti parts for wind turbine service lifts, genuine spare parts for building maintenance units from Manntech and CoxGomyl and an extensive range of genuine spare parts, for a range of vertical access systems from Alimak from constructions hoists to industrial elevators.

Beyond the peace of mind provided by genuine spare parts from the original equipment manufacturers, Alimak Service is also unrivalled when it comes to the expertise and specific product knowledge necessary to protect the investment in vertical access solutions and contribute to safer working practices. Specifically, Alimak Service is able to offer several unique service offerings encompassing expert inspection programs and exchange or replacement programs for key components.

The close relationship with the leading providers across the industry means Alimak Service technicians are uniquely qualified to carry out safety inspections with the highest level of familiarity whilst meeting every requirement for best practice on safety systems and protocols. Just one example are annual inspections including the specialised Avanti runner. Alimak Service’s highly qualified technicians ensure compliance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and wider industry standards. The inspection process utilises an extensive global network of service centres to return each Avanti runner ‘as new’ using genuine Avanti parts where replacement is required with certification for a 12-month period.

The patented Alimak safety device is a well regarded innovation which revolutionised safety in the vertical access industry, deploying automatically in response to excessive speed to bring the car to a smooth stop while also cutting power to the drive unit. Appropriate inspection, maintenance and replacement of this vital Alimak part is clearly a critical safety issue. The Alimak safety device exchange program, available from Alimak Service, takes all uncertainty out of the equation with a lifetime warranty on the Alimak safety device. Replacement devices are remanufactured to the highest standards and rigorously tested, while also being brought up to date with the most recent design to deliver a remanufactured unit equal to a new model.

When it comes to building maintenance units, wire ropes are a key part in effective operation and safety. Often subject to general wear and tear, as well as factors specific to the individual system or environment, wire ropes should be inspected annually and replaced at least every four to five years to avoid compromised performance, damage to other components and, most importantly, compromised safety. Again, Alimak Service’s close relationship with industry leaders provides peace of mind across a full range of services with routine inspections including wire rope testing and, where necessary, a replacement package which covers testing and warranty for optimal performance.

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