The Lloyd’s of London building is an essential centrepiece of the London Central Business District. Recognised with Grade 1 listed status, the building’s facade is a prominent example of Britain’s modern architectural style in the last half a century, creating a contrast to the country’s significant historical buildings. Alimak Service’s Cento team, in partnership with BMU manufacturer Manntech, recently replaced the tired facade access system to continue the maintenance of the Richard Rogers designed building into the future.

The pre-existing 35-year-old building maintenance units (BMUs) had been in place since the Lloyds building’s completion in 1985. This project saw challenges, including the requirement of replacement without pausing daily operations of the internal offices and trading floor, while navigating the needs of working on a heritage-listed building and considering the loading limits of the building.

Alimak Service’s Cento team was integral in the implementation process to overcome these challenges, having previously provided maintenance and service solutions for the original facade access system on the Lloyds building. This Cento Engineering Group was recently acquired by Alimak Group, however had worked alongside Alimak Service as a service operator in the UK for 20 years, providing installation, maintenance, spare parts, and inspections to facade access systems. The team’s specific knowledge of the building was used to plan the complex BMU replacement effectively. The new system was installed with multiple crane lifts and innovative working approaches such as a suspended scaffold platform; coordinated by the expert Alimak Service technicians.

As a result, Alimak Service’s Cento team together with Manntech delivered a custom facade access solution consisting of 17 building maintenance units in total. Of the 17, six underslung BMUs were installed on the underside of concrete capping beams. A further four track-mounted BMUs utilised the pre-existing track system with the addition of telescopic jibs. Six larger crane-type BMUs are mounted on the building’s feature towers. Finally, a single crane-type BMU with a telescopic jib was installed above the atrium section, with a bespoke design required to minimise total weight.

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