The One Oxford Centre is one of the most well-known structures in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. The 187-meter-tall building, built-in 1983, houses a variety of commercial firms and high-end merchants. The skyscraper has a radiant appearance that is reported to be greater than any other high-rise in the country, thanks to forty-three 1,500-watt spotlights that use 54,500 watts of energy to illuminate the structure. The One Oxford Centre’s common areas and amenities have recently undergone extensive modifications to appeal to progressive and modern technology enterprises.

Alimak Service, the global leader in vertical access service solutions, coordinated the delivery of a modern facade access system to replace the existing solution consisting of four twin arm rolling davit units which dated back to the construction of the building in the 1980s. Alongside CoxGomyl, Alimak Service was able to deliver a unique and cost-effective solution that utilised a creative method of installation that best suited the challenges of the established building.

Hellmuth, Obata, and Kassabaum created the building’s architecture to give the impression of four different towers, each with its own roof space. Through the expert offering of support services and consultation for the safe installation of permanent and temporary equipment, Alimak Service installed four twin jib building maintenance units, one for each of these roof terraces, each capable of travelling over the roof’s outer border on a track system.

The congested situation of the mature city needed a unique installation technique for each unit, which weighed more than 6 tonnes. Alimak Service deployed an air crane, a specific type of helicopter capable of efficiently transporting huge loads. This strategy necessitated extensive logistics planning, including the location of the staging area, the flight path, and the necessary traffic closures. Similarly, the team had to make sure that the roof sections of the One Oxford Centre were secure and clean for the crew to securely land each unit on the small flange twin track system, with all staff removed from the top three floors for added safety.

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