Alimak Service is a global leader in vertical access service solutions, providing a full range of service, parts, and training solutions through a worldwide service support network across 100 countries. The Alimak Service mission is to ensure the highest level of product uptime and safety over the total life cycle of all Alimak Group equipment.

As part of a full-service solution offering, Alimak Service offers competence-based training to support the safe operation, maintenance, and installation of Alimak, CoxGomyl, Manntech and Avanti equipment. These courses are available in person and online to ensure that all owners and operators can stay up to date with the safest operating and maintenance procedures.

As a driving force in the vertical access industry, Alimak Service is dedicated to promoting the highest training standards. As such, a range of courses is delivered alongside leading safety and industry organisations to ensure that all content provided adheres to or exceeds the regulatory and legislative framework.

Global Wind Organisation (GWO) courses

Alimak Service has partnered with the GWO, the leading non-profit body founded by leading wind turbine manufacturers and operators, to provide courses covering First Aid, Working at Heights, Manual Handling and Fire Awareness. These courses are specially designed to allow knowledge to perform safe and compliant work in the wind industry and environment.

International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) courses

For owners and operators of Alimak products, Alimak Service offers IPAF accredited courses. IPAF promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide, providing technical advice, safety, and training. The classes are available for operators and installers of construction hoists and mast climbing work platforms.

In addition to these externally accredited courses, Alimak Service also offers courses tailored to Alimak Group’s products, which are available in classroom and online formats and specifically designed for operators, including Avanti service lifts, Alimak hoists and Manntech and CoxGomyl building maintenance units. Additionally, some courses are now available as remote learning, which provides a combined approach of video sessions with practical exercises.

While these courses can be completed in a few hours, they provide specific and detailed information essential for each product’s safe operation. What’s more, each of these Alimak Service training certificates are generally valid for a minimum of 24 months upon completion.

Refresher courses

Alimak Service also offer a range of refresher courses through theoretical and practical training with the purpose to refresh the participants previously gained knowledge and basic skills. This is important to keep safety standards high and knowledge up to date. Example refresher courses include First Aid, Manual Handling, Working at Heights and Fire Awareness.

View the range of Alimak Service training courses online and register your interest.

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