Alimak Service offers high-quality, competence-based training designed to support best practice operation for owners and operators of vertical access equipment. Offered both online and in the classroom, the training courses available from Alimak Service focus on a range of topics including safety training, technical training and operator training, and are accessible around the world.

Alimak Service partners with leading organisations within the vertical access industry to provide in-depth training that meets local and industry requirements. One such organisation is the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), an internationally recognised industry body committed to the promotion of the ‘safe and effective use of powered access equipment in the widest sense’. The IPAF association aids owners and operators of vertical access equipment to remain compliant through the provision of technical advice, training programs and safety initiatives. Two training courses run by IPAF on behalf of Alimak Service are now available globally, which are the IPAF hoist operator and IPAF mast climbing work platform (MCWP) training courses.

IPAF hoist operator training
Suitable for completion in just one day, the IPAF hoist operator training course provides the knowledge and instructions required for participants to become qualified operators of a specified construction hoist whilst undergoing training on hazard management, safe working practices and construction hoist parts. Upon successful completion of the course, the participants will be awarded an IPAF Hoist Operator licence for the specified equipment type and the issue of an IPAF card.

Suitable for 2-4 students at a time, the IPAF hoist operator training course covers:

  • Relevant health and safety frameworks and requirements as well as guidance for the design, supply, use and management of construction hoists
  • How to safely and competently operate the specified construction hoist
  • Best practice emergency procedures in an event of an emergency for construction hoists and how to deploy them effectively
  • Daily inspections and construction hoist parts

IPAF MCWP operator training
This course offers operators training that is specific to the various types of mast climbing work platforms and is completed over a minimum of four hours. The IPAF MCWP operator training course promotes safe working practices and provides participants with knowledge of the correct procedures during emergencies or when hazards arise. When the course has been successfully completed, the participant will receive an IPAF Operator Licence and be issued an IPAF card.

The IPAF MCWP operator training course is available for 2-4 participants at a time and covers:

  • Health and safety frameworks and regulations and how to use and manage MCWPS
  • Safe and competent work practices for the operation of mast climbing work platforms
  • The correct emergency procedures and systems of a MCWP to enable its safe operation in an emergency
  • Pre-use and daily inspections of mast climbing work platforms

Get in touch with the team at Alimak Service for more information on the IPAF courses available or to enrol in a course.


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