Alimak is a global market leader and pioneer in the design and manufacture of rack and pinion vertical access solutions. The company provides high quality elevators, construction hoists and work platforms primarily for the industrial and construction sectors.

Alimak’s mission is to provide safe and reliable vertical access solutions for construction and industrial customers.

Industrial elevators are customized according to need in the particular industry, including power, refineries, oil drilling platforms, ports, steelworks, mines and infrastructure. Alimak also has construction hoists and work platforms available to rent. A global network provides rapid and efficient product support and service. Alimak’s product and service offering is continuously developed via new product launches in both existing and new segments.

With more than 70 years’ experience in the vertical access industry, Alimak’s expertise has delivered a wide range of access solutions designed to meet the needs presented by variety of projects, with 23,000 Alimak access systems deployed and currently in use all around the world.

This wealth of experience offers the unrivalled expertise, innovation and problem-solving ability which loyal clients expect from every Alimak elevator project we undertake. This experience, combined with the meticulous quality control provided by all 12 of Alimak’s own cutting edge manufacturing facilities also means every Alimak elevator is precision-engineered to deliver the highest standards of functionality, reliability and safety.

In regards to safety, Alimak are committed to ensuring the maximum levels of safe working at every step in the process of design, manufacture and ongoing use of products. Alimak elevators feature a host of safety features which are central to the ways in which this commitment is translated into real-world applications. The safety features of Alimak’s Vertical Access Systems include devices designed to sense overloading, relays for phase faults, car frames and machinery plates with safety hooks, electrical and mechanical systems for interlocking doors, top and bottom landing automatic stops as well as buffer spring located below the bottom landing. This commitment to safety as a key company value is typified by the Alimak safety device. When the normal driving speed is exceeded, this specially developed safety feature is capable of smoothly stopping the car and operates independently of the drive unit. The Alimak safety device has proven itself to be an extremely valuable tool over many years, guarding the health of operators and the wider public since the 1960s, and can be found in use on more than 10,000 vertical access systems worldwide. Without compromising its vital function, the Alimak safety device is also easy and convenient to reset once safety is assured and operation can resume without undue delays.

Alimak is your trusted partner, committed to providing the safest and most reliable products and service, delivered by professionals who are close to your business, understand your needs and always deliver in a consistent and professional manner.