Alimak Service provides competency-based, product and safety training to promote safe and compliant operations in the wind industry.

Avanti Wind Systems is a global leader in the provision of solutions for safe work in wind turbines. With Avanti wind turbine service lifts installed in more than 35,000 wind turbines across the globe, Avanti supports the sustainability and efficiency of operations in the wind industry. Alimak Service offers high-quality Avanti training solutions to provide added value for Avanti customers. By utilising both in-classroom and online formats, Alimak Service delivers a range of safety and product training certificates to support the safe and competent use of Avanti products.


Safety training courses

Alimak Service offers a range of Avanti training courses which are GWO accredited to ensure that customers are able to remain in compliance with wind industry legislation. The GWO (Global Wind Organisation) is an industry organisation dedicated to achieving an injury-free working environment within the wind industry whilst setting common international standards for emergency procedures and the required safety training technicians should possess prior to operating within the industry.

GWO accredited safety courses from Alimak Service include:

Fire Awareness GWO Course
The participant will learn the basics of preparation in case of a fire emergency, including the correct and safe procedures for evacuation and extinguishing a fire.

Fire Awareness Refresher GWO Course
Technicians who have already undertaken the Fire Awareness course can take this course to refresh their knowledge of the correct emergency procedures.

First Aid GWO Course
The participant will learn how to execute the correct emergency response in case of an injury as well as how to administer first aid.

First Aid Refresher GWO Course
A refresher course on the theoretical and practical training provided during the original first aid course so that participants can administer and manage first aid as an emergency response.

Manual Handling GWO Course
The participant will undergo both theoretical and practical training with regards to working safely in the wind industry. This includes safe techniques for lifting and manual handling.

Manual Handling Refresher GWO Course
A refresher course to remind participants of how to undertake lifting and manual handling tasks safely to avoid injury.

Working at Heights GWO Course
Participants will learn how to operate in line with national legislation when working at heights. This course includes training on how to identify a hazard and execute safety and evacuation procedures using emergency equipment.

Working at Heights Refresher GWO Course
This course will review the practical and theoretical training undertaken during the Working at Heights course to refresh the participant’s knowledge of the safety procedures associated with working at heights.


Product training courses

Alimak Service provides a range of Avanti training courses created to support the competent operation of wind turbine service lifts. 

Avanti Ladder and Rail System
Participants will learn how to install ladder and rail systems and receive training on specific Avanti parts including the Avanti runner system and the legislation surrounding working safely at heights.

Operator Online Training: Avanti Service Lift Model L/XL/02 SWP
This online course is required for anyone operating the Avanti SWP wind turbine service lift. This course covers the componentry of the lift, as well as guidance on how to inspect and operate it.

Operator Online Training: Avanti Service Lift Model Dolphin / Beluga
Mandatory for anyone operating the Avanti Service Lift Model Dolphin/ Beluga, this online course covers the key components of the lift as well as inspections, operation and emergency procedures in the case of a breakdown.

Operator Online Training: Avanti Service Lift Model Shark L 02
This course is available online and should be completed prior to operation of a Shark L 02 wind turbine service lift model. This course covers the use of a service lift in normal and power outage conditions.

Remote Training of the Avanti Ladder and Rail System
This course provides detailed information on the legislation surrounding the Avanti Fall Protection system as well as in-depth safety information including knowledge on a range of Avanti parts, ladder and rail installation and repairs.