Building Maintenance Units

For all types of tall buildings, from relatively standard, box-shaped residential and office buildings to the tallest and most architecturally complex structures that define the skylines of the world’s great cities, effective access solutions to reach all the exterior facades is an absolute necessity.

No building will survive in a good state of repair and presenting an acceptable visual appearance without a system in place which provides practical facade access for maintenance tasks including consistent cleaning cycles, replacement of damaged windows or facade panels, other on-site repairs and regular building inspections. These all important access solutions are most commonly realised through a variety of Building Maintenance Units (BMUs).

Having invested in a Building Maintenance Unit to preserve your building, it is equally important to put in place practical measures to ensure that the BMU is also maintained in optimum working condition over the many years of its life cycle. A BMU which is neglected and allowed to fall into disrepair means that the building will suffer from unsightly grime and dirt leading to complaints from residents and tenants. In many cases it also becomes impossible to carry out repairs such as replacement of damaged windows and facade panels. More importantly, planning for regular servicing of your Building Maintenance Unit is part of a serious responsibility for the safety of your people. With an offering spanning a full range of servicing, repairs, genuine spare parts and training solutions, Alimak Service are able to deliver complete peace of mind that the upkeep of your BMUs are in the safe hands of experts.

Leaders in the BMU industry such as CoxGomyl and Manntech bring many decades of experience and expertise with them into each project and every facade access solution they deliver. Depending on the parameters of the building concerned and the unique challenges presented by the geography of the structure and any complex architectural features, various approaches and types of Building Maintenance Unit might be called for.

For buildings of lower complexity a comprehensive facade access solution might be achieved cost effectively with a single Building Maintenance Unit located on a track at roof level. As buildings increase in complexity, more Building Maintenance Units might be needed to achieve full coverage or improve the cleaning cycle, and Building Maintenance Units with a broad range of additional features and functionality might also be required to meet the practical and aesthetic demands of the developers and architects.

It might be necessary to deploy a BMU which is capable of a greater range of movement to navigate complex building forms such as high walls, protrusions and recesses. In cases like this, a solution can be achieved with Building Maintenance Units which provide features like telescopic jibs for greater outreach capacity, telescopic masts of luffing jibs which lift the cradle over obstacles and cradle slewing which allows for horizontal manoeuvring of the cradle itself. Soft rope solutions can also be employed which allow the cradle to move horizontally across the face of the building facade.

Another common requirement of developers and architects is that Building Maintenance Units should not negatively impact the carefully considered design aesthetic of the building. Expert designers and engineers are able to meet these requirements in a number of ways; sometimes deploying a number of compact Building Maintenance Units, or BMUs which are designed with telescoping parts to achieve a more compact form when not in use. In some instances the Building Maintenance Units can also be cleverly integrated into the form of the building itself so that they are hidden from view when not in use. Another option for concealing the BMU is to provide for a designated, enclosed parking garage which might be located on the roof or even in the side of the building.

Whether the building in question is simple or complex, a suitable Building Maintenance Unit or system of multiple BMUs,in combination with a program of regular servicing maintenance from highly-trained experts from Alimak Service, will ensure that our offices, shopping centres and leisure venues remain attractive and in good repair for many years to come. As part of the Alimak Group of companies spanning a broad range of vertical access solution providers, Alimak Service is able to offer a very high level of engineering knowledge and expertise as well as providing genuine spare parts throughout the servicing and maintenance programme of every Building Maintenance Unit from standard models to the most complex and unique installations.