Alimak Service coordinates replacement facade access system for One Oxford Centre

Alimak Service coordinates replacement facade access system for One Oxford Centre

The One Oxford Centre is one of the most well-known structures in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. The 187-meter-tall building, built-in 1983, houses a variety of commercial firms and high-end merchants. The skyscraper has a radiant appearance that is reported to be greater than any other high-rise in the country, thanks to forty-three 1,500-watt spotlights that use 54,500 watts of energy to illuminate the structure. The One Oxford Centre’s common areas and amenities have recently undergone extensive modifications to appeal to progressive and modern technology enterprises.

Alimak Service, the global leader in vertical access service solutions, coordinated the delivery of a modern facade access system to replace the existing solution consisting of four twin arm rolling davit units which dated back to the construction of the building in the 1980s. Alongside CoxGomyl, Alimak Service was able to deliver a unique and cost-effective solution that utilised a creative method of installation that best suited the challenges of the established building.

Hellmuth, Obata, and Kassabaum created the building’s architecture to give the impression of four different towers, each with its own roof space. Through the expert offering of support services and consultation for the safe installation of permanent and temporary equipment, Alimak Service installed four twin jib building maintenance units, one for each of these roof terraces, each capable of travelling over the roof’s outer border on a track system.

The congested situation of the mature city needed a unique installation technique for each unit, which weighed more than 6 tonnes. Alimak Service deployed an air crane, a specific type of helicopter capable of efficiently transporting huge loads. This strategy necessitated extensive logistics planning, including the location of the staging area, the flight path, and the necessary traffic closures. Similarly, the team had to make sure that the roof sections of the One Oxford Centre were secure and clean for the crew to securely land each unit on the small flange twin track system, with all staff removed from the top three floors for added safety.

Learn more about Alimak Service’s provision of expert installation services, or contact the team to discuss how we can assist in the maintenance of your vertical or facade access equipment.

Overcoming installation challenges for a replacement BMU at 200 Clarendon, Boston

Overcoming installation challenges for a replacement BMU at 200 Clarendon, Boston

Installation of Building Maintenance Units on existing, long-established buildings and structures always presents specific challenges. Commonly, issues are associated with the lack of construction equipment on-site for heavy lifting and the time pressures of completing work with the minimum disruption to everyday business.

As the service provider for the Alimak Group, consisting of the leading names in the vertical access industry such as CoxGomyl, Alimak Service is uniquely qualified to deliver custom service solutions for any project. This was recently demonstrated during the installation of a replacement BMU for the 200 Clarendon building (formerly known as the John Hancock Tower) in Boston.

The Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) had to be positioned in a designated parking area around the existing track in the centre of the roof. The additional complications of antennas, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment made an installation by helicopter or derrick crane unfeasible. Therefore, the BMU itself was designed to present manageable parts which could be transported to the roof via the elevators. This still left a 25-metre journey from the roof hatch to the installation site with HVAC equipment blocking a clear path, with antennas and wires also making a route around the units impractical.

A rigging scaffold was designed to facilitate direct transport of the BMU parts into position by hoisting over HVAC units. Time was a significant factor, and the rigging scaffold was therefore equipped with two beams and two motorised trollies. This allowed two crews to work simultaneously with one group lifting the BMU parts through the hatch while the second crew worked on BMU assembly in the parking area.

The BMU crossbar middle section and platform presented an additional challenge in that, at 11 metres and 20 metres respectively, they could not be transported via the elevators. The Alimak Service team, therefore, developed a solution using the old BMU to lift the crossbar under the platform area with special outriggers used to lift it into place.

To lift the platform, the new BMU had to be partially commissioned to make use of the hoist functionality. The wire ropes were lowered to ground level with tensioning weights attached to mullion guides. There, the wire ropes were connected to the platform and a weight test was performed. This allowed for operators to safely board the platform during the hoisting process to monitor the mullion guides.

Both of these complex installation procedures were each completed in a day and the installation as a whole was completed in under two weeks.

Contact Alimak Service or the project team at CoxGomyl and Manntech, to discuss the project management and installation processes for your building access project.

Choosing The Right Building Maintenance Unit Service Partner

Choosing The Right Building Maintenance Unit Service Partner

High-quality equipment should always be manufactured to last, however to ensure the lifecycle of your investment is maximised, it’s important to select the right service provider for maintenance, training and genuine spare parts.

Neglecting sufficient maintenance for your building maintenance system can result in downtime, loss of rental yield and even unforeseen expenses to refurbish or replace equipment before its due. More importantly insufficient maintenance can result in building owners and facility managers inadvertently putting the safety of operators, residents and the general public at risk.

Choosing the optimal service supplier with proven experience and support mitigates again these risks ensuring the responsibilities to safeguard the operators and the public are met. An experienced and well trusted service provider will also ensure your building maintenance unit experiences optimum performance and efficiency over its lifetime.

Alimak Service is the dedicated service organisation for the leading façade access equipment brands CoxGomyl and Manntech. Through Alimak Service, customers can access a full range of products and services, designed to offer a ‘one stop shop’ solution that makes it easy for customers to manage their assets in a cost-effective manner, this includes; a full range of service maintenance packages, genuine replacement parts, inspections and training. Alimak Service can count many of the world’s tallest and most prestigious buildings as clients and are proud to offer the widest choice of service maintenance packages available on the market today, with a reputation for quality and customer excellence that is unparalleled in the façade access industry.

With the largest number of service technicians and service support centres in the façade access industry, Alimak Service are strategically located close to the world’s major cities and can respond and mobilise quickly to unscheduled downtime. The range of clients and scope of work undertaken by Alimak Service is testament to the fact it is the forerunner in after sales product and customer support for CoxGomyl and Manntech BMUs. Alimak Service are also experienced in supporting clients with a mix of façade access equipment, providing customers  with a complete product and service solution.

Also offered is a range of refurbishment and control upgrade packages designed to modernise aging machines to extend the operational life of the equipment with a complete or partial overhaul of the structural, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, control or safety systems. Our service centres have dedicated technicians and resources for managing the complete refurbishment process from the initial evaluation through to the final installation and re-certification. For high complexity and major refurbishments, Alimak Service utilise the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the CoxGomyl and Manntech product factories located in Europe.

If you are a building owner, facility manager or façade access consultant operating CoxGomyl and Manntech Building Maintenance Units, Alimak Service are available to help you manage your assets over the complete lifecycle of the equipment. Click here to contact your local Alimak Service team for more information.

Alimak Service offers unique end to end customer solution for iconic Hong Kong high-rise

Alimak Service offers unique end to end customer solution for iconic Hong Kong high-rise

Constructed in 1994 the Bank of China tower is one of the most recognisable skyscrapers in Central, Hong Kong. At 367m high, the Bank of China tower is equipped with 19 high complexity CoxGomyl BMUs that provide access to the buildings stunning façade. The BMU’s are cleverly concealed behind the building’s façade, protecting them from seasonal weather hazards, such as tropical cyclones and preserving the architectural beauty of the building.

Alimak Service work alongside the buildings facilities management and have a permanent on-site team for the maintenance and operation of all BMUs to undertake all façade works, including glass cleaning, façade maintenance and replacement, to installing seasonal LED lighting for which Hong Kong is world renowned and the building takes centre stage. The team also undertake operator training for other contractors needing to utilise the BMU’s.

Using Alimak Service allows the facilities management to ensure maximum productivity of the BMU’s and reduce operating costs for the client, whilst ensuring the equipment is maintained in the best possible condition to maximise life cycle. Furthermore, because the façade access is managed by Alimak Service, maintenance can be planned around cleaning, resulting in combined efficiencies and a reduced number of contractors on-site.

Alimak Service are the official OEM service provider for CoxGomyl as part of the Alimak Group, and have a dedicated office in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong Island as part of the Alimak Service commitment to being close to our customers. Alimak Service provide service to a high concentration of CoxGomyl BMUs units in Hong Kong, including the iconic Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. In addition to regular maintenance and inspection, Alimak Service offer refurbishments and control upgrades, genuine replacement parts and training, such as operator and duty holder training.

Providing service for Scandinavia’s tallest tower

Providing service for Scandinavia’s tallest tower

A new development for Gothenburg, Sweden is living metropolis, Karlastaden. Consisting of eight blocks and one pavilion, Karlastaden aims to create a mixed city, combining residences bringing 2000 apartments to the area, accommodation, shops and offices. A place where people can live, play and work.

One of the eight blocks will be Karlatornet which upon completion, will be the tallest building in Scandinavia standing at 245 metres and 73 floors. Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, the architects of Karlatornet, are also behind under some of the world’s tallest buildings such as the Burj Khalifa and One World Trade Centre.

Alimak Service have been appointed to install five Alimak construction hoists and a common tower for Karlatornet, one of which is an Alimak Mammoth with a payload of up to 5,500 kilograms. This is the first time both an Alimak Mammoth and common tower will be used in Sweden. Installation will start during summer 2019 and is scheduled for completion during winter 2021/2022.

The hoists will serve as a critical part of the logistic flow throughout the complete building, serving all floors with large material via the Alimak Mammoth and utilising the high-speed hoists to give quick and easy access for personnel.

The Alimak Service team has worked in collaboration with the Alimak construction sales team to offer a complete end-to-end customer solution in providing the hoists, installation, service support and complete project management. With a commitment to providing the highest levels of product uptime and safety, the Karlatornet project demonstrates Alimak Service’s capability to support the world’s largest construction projects.

This depth of expertise combined with broad reach allows Alimak Service to deliver a wide range of service solutions specially tailored to the needs and requirements of each customer, with Karaltornet being no exception. For all of your service, parts and training enquiries for your vertical access system, please contact us.

Choosing the right maintenance provider for your access equipment

Choosing the right maintenance provider for your access equipment

We naturally expect that well-made, high-quality equipment is designed and built to last, but if you don’t choose the right service provider to provide maintenance, the lifecycle of your investment could be reduced.

For building owners and managers, a lack of sufficient maintenance to access systems can mean inconvenient downtime, loss of rental yield, the unforeseen expenses of having to  refurbish or replace equipment which has not been sufficiently maintained and, most importantly, risk the personal safety of operators, residents and the general public.

Choosing the right service provider for your needs, by selecting a supplier with a combination of expertise and excellent customer service and provisioning of high quality parts, can offer peace of mind regarding your responsibilities for guarding the safety of the operators and the public. The right service provider can also help ensure that your valuable access equipment continues to perform at optimum levels over the entire life of the system.

Alimak Service is a dedicated service organisation formed by a union between the leading brands in vertical access solutions: Alimak, CoxGomyl, Manntech and Avanti. In addition, Alimak Service also provides service solutions for vertical access equipment from the brands Alimak Hek, Heis-Tek, Hek and Champion. This brings together the years of experience, knowledge and expertise from all of the biggest names in the industry, as well as delivering the finest customer support to all of our customers in locations across the globe.

The Alimak Group of companies has over 67,000 elevators, hoists, platforms, service lifts and building maintenance units installed around the world. As the global service support organisation of the Alimak Group, Alimak Service offers a global presence encompassing a network of technicians along with service centres and carefully selected authorised distributors in over 100 countries; Alimak Service is ideally positioned to provide customers with service when and where it is needed.

This depth of expertise combined with broad reach allows Ailimak Service to deliver a wide range of service solutions specially tailored to the needs and requirements of each customer. Service options include asset management, servicing, maintenance and repairs, procurement of genuine spare parts, refurbishment solutions, training, inspections, safety and compliance. This all ensures that your investment in vertical access systems is protected, that they continue to serve you as they are designed to, and that providing a safe environment is taken care of under the watchful eye of industry experts.

For all of your service, parts and training enquiries for your vertical access system, please contact us.

End to end service solutions tailored to your needs

End to end service solutions tailored to your needs

The package of service solutions that will meet the requirements of each customer and each vertical access system will always vary depending on their individual circumstances. For these reasons Alimak Service are able to provide a comprehensive range of service solutions which are tailored to each customer’s specific needs and concerns, taking into account the demands of their diverse environments.

Alimak Service offers the experience and knowledge of the leading brands in access solutions and a service support network covering 100 countries around the world. This means fast, efficient service wherever the system is located. Highly trained service technicians are strategically located across the globe and have the expertise to deliver excellent service on a wide range of access systems while being mindful and adaptable to local and individual concerns.

Whatever the specific uses of the vertical access system or demands of the location, there are some elements that don’t change. Safety is at the core of every service we provide along with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your equipment will be maintained to the highest industry standards.

Our expert Service team will guide you through the options available within the range of service maintenance packages and help you discover what tailored solution is most suitable for your equipment and your individual needs. This might be as basic as a standard service agreement based on the original equipment manufacturer’s preventative maintenance schedule. In order to take the opportunity to protect your investment in vertical access equipment, your requirements might extend to a comprehensive agreement designed to manage the equipment through the total lifecycle to minimise downtime and ensure every component of the access system is contributing to delivering the optimal performance it was designed for.

Within our broad range of service solutions, there are several types of services available which might form a key part of the solution that keeps your vertical access system performing reliably and safely. Regular preventative maintenance, for instance, ensures the ongoing health of your equipment before a larger problem occurs and helps extend the life span of the system for as long as possible. When an issue does need to be addressed, such as an unscheduled repair or replacement of worn or damaged components, Alimak Service offers specialist knowledge of structural, electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems, along with a network of service centres to support work carried out in the field, and only use genuine spare parts which are warranted against failure. Alimak Service also offers easily accessible technical support for troubleshooting and diagnosis of faults. This can streamline the work carried out on site and reduce the time and inconvenience involved in assessing equipment in remote locations.

Beyond the details of your tailored package, all service maintenance packages from Alimak Service include numerous important features as standard. To mention a few, Alimak Service’s technicians are all trained by the manufacturers and where required, fully certified for working at height or in other specialist situations. All spare parts are 100% genuine and all maintenance and repair work is fully warranted. Our technicians always aim to fix any issues completely, first time, and keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

For all of your service, parts and training enquiries for your vertical access system, please contact us.

How refurbishment solutions can extend the life of your vertical access system

How refurbishment solutions can extend the life of your vertical access system

Vertical access systems from the most well regarded, high-quality manufacturers are always designed and engineered as a long term investment in the care of your building. That being said, the march of time affects us all, even machines, and any system will begin to show signs of age after many years of service. Regular maintenance is therefore vital and at times, refurbishment solutions are necessary and can also offer a range of benefits.

As an alternative to getting by with an aging vertical access system which is no longer considered fit for purpose, a refurbishment of your system can provide many of the enhancements and advances that have improved performance and transformed the industry over the years. Due to age, increased downtime, lack of functionality or specific damage, it sometimes becomes necessary to upgrade existing access equipment with the benefit of the most recent technological advances. Older systems can also become a financial burden as it costs more to keep them running each year. Without incurring the considerable expense involved in installing an entirely new system, refurbishment by industry experts such as Alimak Service can extend the operational life of the existing equipment and therefore maximise the value of your initial investment in vertical access systems.

Alimak Service’s refurbishment solutions always includes a full inspection and evaluation report of the equipment, a detailed proposal which allows you to make an informed decision on the cost effectiveness of the refurbishment. Work is then undertaken by highly skilled technicians, fully warranted and up to the latest industry standards. The use of genuine spare parts ensures the quality and longevity of the refurbished vertical access solution.

Depending on the details of the project, a refurbishment solution might be relatively limited in scope and come under the banner of Product Upgrades. This kind of refurbishment project is focussed on a limited number of specific key components. In instances where bespoke or aging components have become obsolete and outdated, or can no longer be viably repaired, carrying out upgrades to introduce modern components can improve the performance or functionality of the system as a whole. Again, this can be a way to extend the operational life of the existing vertical access system. A well-connected industry expert Alimak are able to provide upgrade-based solutions for components of electrical, control, mechanical and hydraulic systems.

Alternatively, a more comprehensive refurbishment solution may be required for systems where the issues run deeper than a limited number of particular components. A complete refurbishment can extend the operational life of your equipment with a broader complete or partial overhaul of the structural, mechanical, hydraulic and safety systems. Again, Alimak Service are ideally placed to deliver this kind of refurbishment solution, providing service centres with dedicated technicians and resources for managing the complete refurbishment process from initial evaluation through to the final installation and re-certification. High complexity and major refurbishments also utilise the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in one of 12 Alimak product factories.

Refurbishment is often an attractive and cost-effective option for many vertical access systems which, for a variety of reasons, could be performing better. For that reason, Alimak Service can provide on-going assessment of your equipment as part of a comprehensive service package. This helps to budget for future work and to plan ahead for when refurbishment may become the right move for you.

Contact us to discuss a refurbished solution with one of our experienced vertical access specialists.

Why genuine spare parts are vital to protecting vertical access systems

Why genuine spare parts are vital to protecting vertical access systems

Vertical Access Systems commonly represent a considerable investment, so it is vital to ensure that building owners and managers act prudently to protect their investment when repairs and maintenance work is required. Discovering for instance, that a worn component needs to be replaced or that part of the system needs to be upgraded can seem frustrating in the short term. It is, however, part of a bigger picture which means preserving all of the benefits your vertical access system provides, ensuring it is still working at optimum levels, creating cleaning and maintenance efficiencies for the buildings and wind turbines they service and will continue to serve you well for its entire life cycle and, most importantly, that the safety of operators, residents and the public is not being put at risk.

Bearing in mind all of these factors, which demonstrate the importance of carrying out appropriate maintenance, it also becomes obvious that the quality of all the parts used in any repair or replacement work is vitally important. If a precision engineered vertical access system is subsequently fitted with inferior spare parts, there is a significant risk that you will lose the benefits usually associated with regular maintenance. Clearly, compromising on quality during maintenance means compromising the quality of the whole system.

Alimak Group products are constructed using the highest quality components, designed and manufactured in one of 12, state of the art wholly owned manufacturing facilities and from selected partners producing the industry’s leading proprietary parts. Therefore, in order to maintain these products for optimal performance and safety throughout their lifecycle, Alimak Service use original, genuine spare parts, manufactured and sourced to these same exact standards.

In addition Alimak Service is also able to provide a range of components that are remanufactured to the same high standards of the original. This offers a cost-effective option which does not compromise on quality and allows greater ease of budgeting for repairs, upgrades and replacement of inherently time limited parts, especially when included as part of a comprehensive service package which covers the lifecycle of the equipment.

Our relationship with the Alimak Group of companies means Alimak Service are able to source genuine spare parts from a wide range of the leading brands in the vertical access system industry including Alimak, Alimak-Hek, Champion, Hek, Heis-Tek, Coxgomyl, Manntech And Avanti.

This commitment to genuine spare parts is provided for through a global network made up of 100 service centres and the 12 Alimak product factories. This ensures that our knowledgeable local After Sales teams can identify and dispatch the required parts quickly and efficiently, delivering them to the right place at the right time.

For all of your service, parts and training enquiries for your vertical access system, please contact us.