Why opt for preventative maintenance?

Why opt for preventative maintenance?

Alimak Service provides industry-leading product and customer support services to the owners and users of Alimak Group products and vertical access equipment worldwide.

The team’s expertise in maintaining vertical access equipment ensures that Alimak Service are the first choice for regular preventative maintenance. As specialists in the structural, electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems of Alimak, CoxGomyl, Manntech and Avanti equipment, customers can rest assured that all products will achieve optimal working conditions throughout their entire operating lifespan.

In fact, the benefits of implementing a preventative maintenance schedule are copious.

Longer product lifespan

The predominant factor many product owners put in place a preventative maintenance plan for is to extend its operational lifespan. Alimak Service use only genuine spare parts and follow OEM specifications when carrying out maintenance operations. It is a simple fact that any item well cared for overtime will remain in working condition for longer. You wouldn’t miss a car service, and the same should be said for the maintenance of vertical access equipment.

Reduced risk of breakdowns

Equipment left to operate without routine service is at risk of experiencing potential operational issues, regardless of how well the original engineering and construction if the equipment may be. Environmental exposure, user error or mere wear and tear from sustained use can cause unplanned breakdowns that cost a business time and money. This productivity loss can be minimised by scheduling preventative maintenance at a more suitable time.

Enhanced safety

The operation of vertical and facade access equipment often occurs at heights. This act poses a significant risk of injury or fatality in the event of a breakdown or malfunction. While all Alimak Group products are designed with abundant safety features and fail-safes to avoid such a situation, preventative maintenance ensures that these features and the equipment operate with minimised risks.

Cost efficiency

While preventative maintenance is a sustained cost, avoiding expensive emergency repairs and downtime is a key benefit. In the long term, this results in a minimised operational cost over the lifespan of the equipment, with the added benefit of expert advice well in advance when the time does come for a refurbishment or replacement. Moreover, Alimak Service offers payment agreements that best suit the client, from pay-as-you-go to planned service contracts.

Learn more about the range of service solutions from Alimak Service, or reach out to the team to discuss how implementing a preventative maintenance schedule could further benefit your equipment.

Extend the life and ensure optimal performance of an industrial elevator

Extend the life and ensure optimal performance of an industrial elevator

Alimak is a worldwide leading brand for industrial elevators built to withstand challenging environments over many years of use. Any equipment, however, will naturally be subject to aging. With technology constantly evolving, components may become surpassed by emerging advances in vertical access engineering.

Alimak Service offers an extensive programme of refurbishment and upgrade solutions that can effectively extend the life and improve the performance of aging industrial elevators. This can be a cost-effective solution in place of a complete elevator replacement.

Alimak Service can commonly return industrial elevators to factory-standard. This further leverages your investment in a reliable vertical access system and minimises the expense and downtime associated with unscheduled repairs or declining performance of aging equipment. A refurbishment or upgrade will often enhance the performance of ageing industrial elevators. Upgrades across mechanical and structural systems can increase efficiency and positively impact productivity. The focus might also include upgrades to electrical and control systems.

Refurbishment starts with a full inspection and evaluation, followed by a detailed proposal that gets to the heart of making cost-effective decisions. Depending on the condition of the equipment and the application’s demands, a complete overhaul or partial refurbishment and upgrades. Even a limited scope focussing on key components can improve the performance and functionality of an industrial elevator, especially in cases where the original components have become obsolete or can no longer practically be repaired.

Work is fully warranted and completed in line with the latest industry standards, always carried out by highly qualified experts in industrial elevators. Safety is always the primary concern for any vertical access system. Every refurbishment project includes upgrades to the latest available safety features.

Refurbishment and upgrade projects use only genuine Alimak spare parts sourced from service centres across 100 countries to protect every industrial elevator’s integrity, performance, and safety over the long term. Where necessary for extensive or custom refurbishments, Alimak Service can draw on eleven manufacturing and assembly facilities in eight countries for state-of-the-art technology.

Alimak Service’s technicians are experienced at working with users to develop a comprehensive refurbishment plan tailored to your schedule, individual needs on each site, and the service demands on the vertical access system. They aim to work with you to achieve optimal performance with the minimum disruption to everyday operations.

Contact us to find out more about how Alimak Service can extend the life of your industrial elevator.

How often should vertical access equipment undergo maintenance?

How often should vertical access equipment undergo maintenance?

On many sites around the world, vertical access equipment is key to the flow of profitable and efficient operations. Construction hoists, industrial elevators, building maintenance units and wind turbine service lifts all provide vital access during construction or for inspections and maintenance on critical facilities.

As the service provider for Alimak Group’s range of vertical access products, Alimak Service delivers a comprehensive range of service and support solutions designed to minimise downtime and extend the operational life of vertical access equipment. Alimak Service promotes regular servicing and maintenance to help owners and operators remain compliant with local and industry regulations and maintain high levels of safety at all times.

Here’s a guide to how often construction hoists, industrial elevators, building maintenance units and wind turbine service lifts should undergo preventative maintenance.


Alimak construction hoists and industrial elevators

 To minimise the risk of inconvenient downtime, owners and operators of Alimak construction hoists and industrial elevators should ensure that scheduled maintenance work is carried out regularly and at the recommended time intervals in accordance with the manual of each model. It is also prudent to check local regulations which may vary from information recommended in equipment manuals.

Any adjustments or part replacements that take place as a result of inspections should be carried out by a skilled technician trained to service Alimak’s products. Additionally, only genuine Alimak spare parts should be used to ensure optimal system performance and preserve the validity of the warranty.

The Alimak Safety Device, gearbox, counter roller, switches, emergency stop mechanism, brake lining, brakes, life cables and electric motor should be inspected every 3 months or 40 operating hours to allow for necessary maintenance.

The rack and pinion, emergency lighting, emergency lowering, and enclosures should undergo inspections and or preventative maintenance every 120 operating hours or every 6 months.

Every year or every 1000 operating hours, inspections should take place for corrosion, damage and wear including the mast, guide rail, cable guides and control panels. The hydraulic systems should also be inspected and undergo maintenance or refurbishment if necessary.

As one of the most essential Alimak parts, the Alimak Safety Device should be completely replaced either four years from the first documented drop test on-site or after the date stamped on the device.


Manntech and CoxGomyl building maintenance units

Alimak Service provides a comprehensive range of service and support solutions for Manntech and CoxGomyl building maintenance units designed to optimise performance and support greater longevity for the equipment. Owners and operators of BMU systems should follow the guidelines from the original equipment manufacturer to preserve the safety and performance of the equipment.

Service intervals for BMUs are determined by the number of operating hours or time thresholds, usually whichever is reached first. Many standard BMUs should undergo servicing after 40 operating hours or 6 months depending on the frequency of cycles and the machine type.
Owners and operators of Manntech and CoxGomyl BMU systems should consult their local Alimak Service office to determine the required servicing schedule.

Owners should ensure that only genuine spare parts are used during any servicing work so as not to compromise the warranty of the equipment manufacturer. Depending on the condition of the equipment, additional maintenance work may also be required to replace or refurbish some components or systems.


Avanti wind turbine service lifts

The Service inspection of Avanti Service lifts and safety equipment is performed in accordance with Avanti Wind systems and local working regulations. All Avanti wind turbine lifts, ladders and fall protection systems must be inspected at least once a year.

It is the responsibility of the wind turbine owner to carry out this inspection.  Alimak Service is the brand used by Avanti to provide the authorized services, parts and upgrades. A service agreement with Alimak Service guarantee the safety and uptime of the Avanti safety products.


Get in touch with the Alimak Service team to find out more about the required maintenance schedules for Alimak Group’s vertical access equipment.

Alimak Service provide comprehensive after-sales product support for Alimak construction hoists

Alimak Service provide comprehensive after-sales product support for Alimak construction hoists

For over 70 years, Alimak have produced industry leading vertical access products engineered to serve the construction industry. Investing in cutting edge technologies Alimak’s mission is to drive productive and sustainable operations on construction sites around the world. Famous for their durability and reliability, Alimak construction hoists have become an essential in the construction industry for fast vertical access across a range of construction applications. Alimak Service offer service and maintenance packages, as well as upgrades, repairs and training courses on Alimak construction, hoists to maximise product uptime and optimise efficient operations on construction sites.

Providing a range of service solutions, Alimak Service aim to preserve the performance of your Alimak construction hoist and ensure safe operations throughout the lifecycle of the product. Services may be requested on a pay-as-you-go basis and repair work can be provided at any time. Maintenance and servicing can also be undertaken regularly through a range of packages designed to meet the requirements of construction hoists. These more standard arrangements work to Alimak’s servicing and maintenance schedules. Owners also have the option to upgrade to a comprehensive servicing package so that preventative maintenance may be undertaken to reduce the risk of any costly unscheduled or unnecessary downtime. All work is carried out by specialist Alimak Service technicians trained to work at heights so you know you’re in good hands.

What’s more, Alimak Service only use genuine spare parts sourced from 12 factories around the world for quality repairs, maintenance and upgrades that work the first time. These spare construction hoist parts are manufactured to Alimak’s standards to restore the performance of your equipment without compromising on safety or quality. Those seeking construction hoist parts enjoy fast dispatch times from one of 100 service centres around the world as part of Alimak Service’s aim to minimise any unnecessary downtime.

Alimak Service aim to ensure the safe and compliant operation of Alimak equipment on all construction and industrial projects. With courses on safety, operator training, technical and installation training available both in the classroom and as e-learning programmes, Alimak Service training courses are available for to those working in even the most remote locations. Training solutions can also be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, Technical training and Control System Operation training are specifically advised for the owners of construction hoists to ensure the safe operation of the hoist within the construction site environment. Working closely with key safety institutions within the industry, Alimak Service deliver quality training content created to be compliant and get customers up to speed with legal frameworks and regulations.

Alimak Service are the leading provider of customer support for Alimak construction hoists across the industry. Get in touch with our team for more information on how our products and services can maintain the efficiency of your construction hoist.

Alimak Service foster optimal productivity for industrial elevators

Alimak Service foster optimal productivity for industrial elevators

Operating as a leader in the vertical access industry for over 70 years, Alimak’s proud history includes a track record for reliable products, designed for safety and engineered for high-functionality and productivity enhancement in even the most demanding environments. The Alimak industrial elevator utilises Alimak’s pioneering technology across a range of industrial applications including ports and shipyards, mines, plants and warehouses. Alimak Service offer service programs for maintenance, upgrades, training and spare parts.

Alimak’s industrial elevators are often used to transport passengers and materials to various vertical levels of access around industrial sites. Essential to a range of industrial operations, it is vital for an industrial elevator to be maintained throughout its lifecycle for a consistently high performance and to reduce the risk of unnecessary downtime. Owners and operators of Alimak industrial elevators often sign up for a service or maintenance plan to facilitate uptime in their machinery, reduce the costs of operations and prolong the product lifecycle.

The Service Maintenance packages offered by Alimak Service provide tailored after-sales support programmes. From servicing and preventative maintenance solutions to total lifecycle care, Alimak Service’s Service Maintenance packages are designed for flexibility with a pay as you go model available depending on the level of support required. Downtime for Alimak industrial elevators is minimised through the use of fully trained specialist technicians, genuine spare Alimak parts and scheduled servicing.

The safety of those operating Alimak equipment is a priority in all Alimak Service operations. Alimak Service offer comprehensive training programmes to ensure the safe and compliant use of Alimak industrial elevators. Working with key organisations within the industry renowned for safety, Alimak Service training courses include safety, operator, installation and technical training. Elevator Technical Training and Control System Operation courses are specifically curated to aid the competent and safe use of industrial elevators and keep staff compliant with local and industry regulations.

Alimak Service exclusively use of genuine Alimak parts in all maintenance, upgrade and repair operations. Sourced from 12 product factories, Alimak Service use genuine spare parts for high-quality maintenance that restores performance and prolongs the operating life of machinery. Alimak Service provide spare parts for the range of Alimak industrial elevators.

Get in touch with the Alimak Service team to discuss servicing, maintenance and training solutions for your Alimak industrial elevator.


Service agreements provide value and flexibility in managing industrial rack and pinion elevators

Service agreements provide value and flexibility in managing industrial rack and pinion elevators

Alimak industrial rack and pinion elevators provide vertical access solutions to thousands of industrial plants around the world and form an essential part of the plant infrastructure, allowing people and materials access to sections of the plant for maintenance and monitoring, putting a high priority on the need for the elevators to operate without fail when called upon to avoid costly downtime and closures. Given the need for 100% uptime of the industrial elevators it is essential that the units are properly maintained to avoid unnecessary downtime.

Alimak industrial elevators are usually found on large scale plants and form just one part of the production process, with plant operators and maintenance teams often responsible for hundreds of pieces of equipment, all requiring some form of regular maintenance and inspection. It is for this reason, many Alimak industrial elevator owners and operators choose to operate their Alimak equipment on a maintenance or service agreement provided by Alimak Service to guarantee the uptime coming from the installed units, to help reduce the operating costs and budget for maintenance over the life cycle of the equipment.

In the USA coal and gas fuelled power plants provide a significant proportion of the country’s energy needs and as such, production and refinery facilities are usually on a large scale with sites operating a multiple number of rack and pinion elevators. The Alimak Service team in the USA have recently helped a number of energy producers streamline their service requirement by providing a tailored service solution based on their specific needs, resulting in service programmes that delivers across a broad scope of work to meet individual site challenges.

In the state of Ohio, Alimak Service has secured a long-term service agreement for 20 industrial elevators ranging from early Alimak Scando and Champion elevators to the latest Alimak SE industrial elevators at the Cardinal Power Plant operated by Buckeye Power Inc. As one of the largest coal plants in the USA producing 1.8 gigawatts of power, the 20 installed industrial elevators provides crucial access to the plant’s infrastructure. Alimak and Alimak Service has maintained a relationship with the site for a number of years and the latest service agreement fulfils the needs of Buckeye Power Inc, which was to control maintenance costs, maximise uptime and include outage support.

Buckeye Power Inc is not the only energy producer to rely on the support that comes from a service agreement from Alimak Service. Duke Energy Corporation have also recently agreed a multi-site long-term service agreement for 93 rack and pinion elevators located across seven South Eastern states. Alimak Service had not previously provided service maintenance for Duke Energy Corporation as the units were being maintained by in-house and third-party providers. In demonstrating the added value that comes from having service provided by the OEM, Duke Energy were confident to move maintenance of all the rack and pinion elevators to one provider, Alimak Service, streamlining the maintenance operation and ensuing the equipment is maintained to OEM standards.

A service agreement from Alimak Service helps to keep equipment safe and compliant, in optimum condition, maximum performance and helps to control costs and help budget for the life cycle of the equipment. It is recognised that the owners and operators of equipment who have equipment on a long-term service agreement or maintenance contract note an overall better product experience through its life cycle with fewer unexpected surprises. It is also a common misconception that service maintenance from the OEM is expensive – on the contrary, the hidden value from an OEM service agreement often out weights the sometimes ‘cheaper’ alternative.

To learn more about service agreements and maintenance contracts get in touch with the Alimak Service team.

The importance of maximising the value of your maintenance budget for Alimak vertical access equipment

The importance of maximising the value of your maintenance budget for Alimak vertical access equipment

In choosing to operate and install Alimak industrial elevators and construction hoists you and your business have taken the decision to invest in some of the best quality vertical access equipment available in the market; with a proven track record for quality, reliability and safety. The equipment is designed to withstand many years of use, however, to get the most out of your equipment it is recommended that a proper maintenance regime is followed. Ensuring that the equipment is properly maintained will reduce downtime by avoiding unscheduled repairs as a result of a lack of regular maintenance and will subsequently increase performance and productivity.

As year-end approaches, many organisations are preparing or are underway with 2020 budget planning and are making provision for the purchase of new capital equipment as well as maintenance costs. For the equipment that you already operate, now is the best time to evaluate if you are getting the most out of your maintenance budget and you will be pleased to learn the experts, Alimak Service are on hand to help should you need any advice on how to reduce costs, maximise uptime and increase safety.

Alimak Service offers a comprehensive range of products and services to support the owners and operators of Alimak industrial elevators and construction hoists over the entire lifecycle of the equipment. As the official service organisation of the Alimak Group company, Alimak Service have the highest standards of workmanship and product knowledge in the industry. With our support, customers increase product uptime and optimise performance to help provide an exceptional end-user experience; something that is sometimes missing from equipment that is poorly maintained.

What is more, with Alimak Service it possible to achieve these high levels of product uptime and safety whilst at the same time maximising the value coming from your maintenance budget, by benefiting from a range of service agreements tailored to your specific requirements. Service agreements offer great value for your maintenance budget and can be packaged together with a range of other products and services from Alimak Service to provide a full lifecycle solution. The full range of products and services available are:

Service Agreements – a range of contracts available from scheduled maintenance to more comprehensive agreements including on-site services and service level agreements

Genuine Spare Parts – designed to maximise machine performance with excellent ‘off the shelf’ availability and a 12-month warranty as standard

Refurbishment – from control upgrades through to overhaul of major components and complete rebuild using only genuine parts and a 12-month warranty as standard

Training – training to support the safe operation, maintenance and installation of Alimak equipment

Inspections – routine inspection programmes to ensure equipment is kept safe and compliant

Remote Monitoring – real-time performance and maintenance data using the A3 system

With service centres strategically placed around the world, you are never far away from accessing support from Alimak Service. Our technicians are factory trained to the latest standards and operate across diverse customer segments within the industrial and construction sectors. The service concept offered by Alimak Service allows our customers to focus on using the product rather than worry about how to maintain it, so when it comes to deciding how to utilise your maintenance budget for 2020 you may wish to consult with Alimak Service to see how you can benefit like many of our existing customers.

For more information about our products and services or to discuss how Alimak Service can help you maximise the value coming from your maintenance budget please contact us here.

Choosing The Right Building Maintenance Unit Service Partner

Choosing The Right Building Maintenance Unit Service Partner

High-quality equipment should always be manufactured to last, however to ensure the lifecycle of your investment is maximised, it’s important to select the right service provider for maintenance, training and genuine spare parts.

Neglecting sufficient maintenance for your building maintenance system can result in downtime, loss of rental yield and even unforeseen expenses to refurbish or replace equipment before its due. More importantly insufficient maintenance can result in building owners and facility managers inadvertently putting the safety of operators, residents and the general public at risk.

Choosing the optimal service supplier with proven experience and support mitigates again these risks ensuring the responsibilities to safeguard the operators and the public are met. An experienced and well trusted service provider will also ensure your building maintenance unit experiences optimum performance and efficiency over its lifetime.

Alimak Service is the dedicated service organisation for the leading façade access equipment brands CoxGomyl and Manntech. Through Alimak Service, customers can access a full range of products and services, designed to offer a ‘one stop shop’ solution that makes it easy for customers to manage their assets in a cost-effective manner, this includes; a full range of service maintenance packages, genuine replacement parts, inspections and training. Alimak Service can count many of the world’s tallest and most prestigious buildings as clients and are proud to offer the widest choice of service maintenance packages available on the market today, with a reputation for quality and customer excellence that is unparalleled in the façade access industry.

With the largest number of service technicians and service support centres in the façade access industry, Alimak Service are strategically located close to the world’s major cities and can respond and mobilise quickly to unscheduled downtime. The range of clients and scope of work undertaken by Alimak Service is testament to the fact it is the forerunner in after sales product and customer support for CoxGomyl and Manntech BMUs. Alimak Service are also experienced in supporting clients with a mix of façade access equipment, providing customers  with a complete product and service solution.

Also offered is a range of refurbishment and control upgrade packages designed to modernise aging machines to extend the operational life of the equipment with a complete or partial overhaul of the structural, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, control or safety systems. Our service centres have dedicated technicians and resources for managing the complete refurbishment process from the initial evaluation through to the final installation and re-certification. For high complexity and major refurbishments, Alimak Service utilise the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the CoxGomyl and Manntech product factories located in Europe.

If you are a building owner, facility manager or façade access consultant operating CoxGomyl and Manntech Building Maintenance Units, Alimak Service are available to help you manage your assets over the complete lifecycle of the equipment. Click here to contact your local Alimak Service team for more information.

Alimak Service offers unique end to end customer solution for iconic Hong Kong high-rise

Alimak Service offers unique end to end customer solution for iconic Hong Kong high-rise

Constructed in 1994 the Bank of China tower is one of the most recognisable skyscrapers in Central, Hong Kong. At 367m high, the Bank of China tower is equipped with 19 high complexity CoxGomyl BMUs that provide access to the buildings stunning façade. The BMU’s are cleverly concealed behind the building’s façade, protecting them from seasonal weather hazards, such as tropical cyclones and preserving the architectural beauty of the building.

Alimak Service work alongside the buildings facilities management and have a permanent on-site team for the maintenance and operation of all BMUs to undertake all façade works, including glass cleaning, façade maintenance and replacement, to installing seasonal LED lighting for which Hong Kong is world renowned and the building takes centre stage. The team also undertake operator training for other contractors needing to utilise the BMU’s.

Using Alimak Service allows the facilities management to ensure maximum productivity of the BMU’s and reduce operating costs for the client, whilst ensuring the equipment is maintained in the best possible condition to maximise life cycle. Furthermore, because the façade access is managed by Alimak Service, maintenance can be planned around cleaning, resulting in combined efficiencies and a reduced number of contractors on-site.

Alimak Service are the official OEM service provider for CoxGomyl as part of the Alimak Group, and have a dedicated office in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong Island as part of the Alimak Service commitment to being close to our customers. Alimak Service provide service to a high concentration of CoxGomyl BMUs units in Hong Kong, including the iconic Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. In addition to regular maintenance and inspection, Alimak Service offer refurbishments and control upgrades, genuine replacement parts and training, such as operator and duty holder training.