Complete service support for Alimak’s world leading vertical access solutions

Complete service support for Alimak’s world leading vertical access solutions

Alimak are unrivalled world leaders with experience of developing high-value, precision-engineered vertical access solutions for the toughest working environments all over the world. With a history stretching back more than 70 years, customers in industries from construction, mining and metal processing to power, shipping and warehouses rely on Alimak’s robust construction hoists and industrial elevator products to get the job done safely and efficiently. Your relationship with Alimak Group, however, doesn’t end with installation.

Alimak Service can offer a uniquely attractive range of services through a combination of expert Alimak product knowledge and experience, access to genuine spare parts and a network of service centres and partners in over 100 worldwide locations. This allows owners and users of Alimak vertical access equipment to protect their investment and the safety of their people over the long term, keeping a system of construction hoists or an industrial elevator performing to the highest possible level over the entire lifecycle.

Our customisable service solutions are designed to achieve these aims for a wide range of customers operating in diverse environments with varying needs. Our expert team can consult with you on your specific requirements and guide you through the options that best suit you. We can provide flexible maintenance arrangements on a pay as needed structure, basic service packages which satisfy Alimak’s OEM maintenance schedule or more comprehensive maintenance and asset management agreements. All of our work is fully warranted and carried out by highly trained technicians using only genuine replacement parts to ensure the ongoing performance and safety of all Alimak products. We also provide easy, convenient and cost-effective exchange programmes for key components such as the celebrated Alimak safety device found on your Alimak industrial elevator or construction hoists.

Alimak owners and users can also benefit from the expertise and experience of the Alimak Service team in other areas. Our safety inspection and compliance services can provide peace of mind in the continued health of your vertical access equipment and the confidence to continue working knowing you have met the requirements of all relevant regulations. Our expertise is also shared through a wide range of training opportunities from personal safety to operator and technical training delivered both in the classroom and online to suit your needs. Alimak Service training empowers customers to establish their own learning pathways with records of completed units, updates, and any necessary re-certification.

Whatever the nature of your business, Alimak Service can help you to achieve the maximum productivity from your team and your vertical access equipment.

Online training solutions for owners of Alimak Group vertical access equipment

Online training solutions for owners of Alimak Group vertical access equipment

Utilising a global support network, Alimak Service provides customer and product support solutions to owners and operators of Alimak Group products around the world. Offering comprehensive support services including service and maintenance packages, product training, genuine spare parts and refurbishment solutions, Alimak Service’s mission is to add greater customer value through optimal product uptime. The safe and competent use of vertical access equipment is of high importance. As such Alimak Service provides training programs for operators and owners across the range of Manntech, CoxGomyl, Alimak and Avanti products. 

Delivered in both e-learning and in-classroom formats, Alimak Service offers high-quality, in-depth training to aid owners and operators of Alimak Group products in remaining compliant with legislative framework. Alimak Service works with leading industry and safety organisations to build training programs that promote the best working practices for those in the vertical access industry. 

With customers in some of the world’s most remote locations, Alimak Service recognises the accessibility issues presented by traditional in-classroom training methods. To facilitate the provision of essential support to customers across their global network, Alimak Service offers state of the art e-learning courses that are accessible at any time from anywhere in the world. Customers can keep up to date with training, remain compliant with legislation and take refresher courses via an online portal where records of completed training and courses that are still required are held.

Alimak Service provides comprehensive training for customers across Alimak Group with topics including personal safety training, operator training, technical training and installation training. Each certificate and course is tailored to meet specific industry requirements and support the safe and competent use of vertical access equipment.


Alimak Service provides a range of training for the operation of various Alimak products including industrial elevators, construction hoists, mast climbing work platforms and transport platforms. Online training courses are designed to assist users in operating Alimak industrial elevators and construction hoists more safely and efficiently. 

Manntech & CoxGomyl 

Alimak Service offers training courses for operators of building maintenance units designed to promote safe operations and keep users up to date with industry framework and obligations.

These courses cover the safe operation of a building maintenance unit and provide in-depth information on all of the relevant documentation. Those taking the course are also provided with an overview of the main components of a building maintenance unit and the applicable local regulations they must adhere to. This interactive course should be taken before operating a building maintenance unit. 


A wide range of interactive Avanti training courses are available online. Operator training courses are available online for the following service lift models:

Avanti Pegasus L/XL

Avanti Shark L/ L02/ US

Avanti Dolphin & Beluga

Avanti L/XL SWP

These courses cover the key functions and components of an Avanti Service lift and provide guidelines on emergency and evacuation procedures. Operators will learn how to conduct a daily inspection of the lift and how to operate the lift safely in relation to each model’s specific components. Participants who enrol in Avanti training courses will receive a certificate immediately upon successful completion. 

Alimak Service training courses are provided online for convenience and ease of access, with new courses in development to support the safe operation of vertical access equipment and add customer value. To learn more or find courses specific to your industry and equipment, visit our Training page to make an enquiry or contact

How the Alimak Safety Device Exchange Programme delivers total peace of mind on safety

How the Alimak Safety Device Exchange Programme delivers total peace of mind on safety

Alimak Service are dedicated to delivering the best possible range of maintenance and upkeep packages across all Alimak Group brands with the aim of keeping your vertical access systems performing reliably, efficiently and, above all, safely. As part of our commitment to our customers, the unique Alimak Service exchange programme for the vital safety device component installed on all Alimak construction hoists and elevators is specially designed to ensure continued safety standards and optimum performance within a cost effective and stress-free package.

Safety is always the paramount concern for any construction hoists or hard working industrial elevator.  Any equipment involved in working at height naturally presents a significant safety issue which needs to be appropriately and consistently managed in order to minimise potential harm. For tough environments where constructions hoists, an offshore elevator or industrial elevator are a key piece of infrastructure, the challenging conditions your vertical access equipment is exposed to can also be cause for additional safety concerns. This is not to mention the loss of productivity and efficiency associated with increased or unexpected downtime.

The importance of the Alimak Safety Device is hard to overstate in that it automatically engages when the rated speed of the car is exceeded to bring the unit to a controlled stop and cut off power to the motor drive. So that safety is protected against issues such as environmental damage or misuse causing wear and tear, the all-important safety device is housed in a concealed unit and should be replaced every four years or before the date stamped on the device plate.

The Alimak Safety Device Exchange Programme provides an easy and hassle free solution with a lifetime warranty on this most vital component for all Alimak construction hoists and industrial elevator products. Alimak Service are unrivalled as specialist experts on Alimak Group products, with our expertise and resources allowing us to offer a uniquely attractive alternative to non-exchangeable units. Since the 1960s, over 60,000 exchange units have been remanufactured to the highest standards using only genuine spare parts. Not only are Alimak genuine spare parts used in every safety device exchange, but every unit is remanufactured and updated using the latest modern parts and components to help you benefit from the latest innovations and developments without the cost of total replacement. Following extensive testing, replacement safety devices are certified and shipped throughout our network of service centres around the globe to ensure the best possible availability and convenience.

Contact us to find out more about the benefits of the safety device exchange programme and how the wider range of Alimak Service packages can help you to maximise the safety and productivity of your vertical access systems for peace of mind on your investment and the wellbeing of your people.

Alimak Service provide comprehensive after-sales product support for Alimak construction hoists

Alimak Service provide comprehensive after-sales product support for Alimak construction hoists

For over 70 years, Alimak have produced industry leading vertical access products engineered to serve the construction industry. Investing in cutting edge technologies Alimak’s mission is to drive productive and sustainable operations on construction sites around the world. Famous for their durability and reliability, Alimak construction hoists have become an essential in the construction industry for fast vertical access across a range of construction applications. Alimak Service offer service and maintenance packages, as well as upgrades, repairs and training courses on Alimak construction, hoists to maximise product uptime and optimise efficient operations on construction sites.

Providing a range of service solutions, Alimak Service aim to preserve the performance of your Alimak construction hoist and ensure safe operations throughout the lifecycle of the product. Services may be requested on a pay-as-you-go basis and repair work can be provided at any time. Maintenance and servicing can also be undertaken regularly through a range of packages designed to meet the requirements of construction hoists. These more standard arrangements work to Alimak’s servicing and maintenance schedules. Owners also have the option to upgrade to a comprehensive servicing package so that preventative maintenance may be undertaken to reduce the risk of any costly unscheduled or unnecessary downtime. All work is carried out by specialist Alimak Service technicians trained to work at heights so you know you’re in good hands.

What’s more, Alimak Service only use genuine spare parts sourced from 12 factories around the world for quality repairs, maintenance and upgrades that work the first time. These spare construction hoist parts are manufactured to Alimak’s standards to restore the performance of your equipment without compromising on safety or quality. Those seeking construction hoist parts enjoy fast dispatch times from one of 100 service centres around the world as part of Alimak Service’s aim to minimise any unnecessary downtime.

Alimak Service aim to ensure the safe and compliant operation of Alimak equipment on all construction and industrial projects. With courses on safety, operator training, technical and installation training available both in the classroom and as e-learning programmes, Alimak Service training courses are available for to those working in even the most remote locations. Training solutions can also be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, Technical training and Control System Operation training are specifically advised for the owners of construction hoists to ensure the safe operation of the hoist within the construction site environment. Working closely with key safety institutions within the industry, Alimak Service deliver quality training content created to be compliant and get customers up to speed with legal frameworks and regulations.

Alimak Service are the leading provider of customer support for Alimak construction hoists across the industry. Get in touch with our team for more information on how our products and services can maintain the efficiency of your construction hoist.

What did we learn in 2019? Exciting new developments  to come!

What did we learn in 2019? Exciting new developments to come!

As the calendar year draws to a close, it’s a good time for any service provider to take a step back, reflect on what has happened in the year and review what can be improved the following year. For us at Alimak Service it is all about how we can evolve to continue to delight our customers; looking at market trends, new technologies and evaluating the demands coming from our industry segments to respond quickly to the needs of our clients. Considering this, let’s take a brief look at some of the key industry segments Alimak Service supports and what we have learnt in 2019:

Construction Hoists – construction and rental companies operating Alimak construction hoists view minimising downtime as their number one priority, given the hoists role within the logistic flow of the building moving people and materials through the construction site. Downtime is minimised by ensuring the equipment is maintained according to the operators manual, which includes the daily checks, and can be mitigated further by having the right people and materials on hand to respond quickly in the event of an unscheduled downtime event – this can often be minor and with appropriate training can be avoided altogether. Alimak Service has a lot of experience in both managing the service maintenance of Alimak construction hoists on major construction projects, such as Canary Wharf in London, and is also behind some of the biggest names in the rental business, providing technical assistance and fast delivery of spare parts. We also recognise well trained operators and persons responsible for maintenance important to reducing downtime instances.

Industrial Elevators – as an essential part of the plant infrastructure in oil and gas, mining and marine applications, downtime is also important, however, given that these units are permanently installed, in some cases for 30 years or more, total cost of ownership is the key consideration and is becoming increasingly important when we meet to discuss with clients. The ability to have a fixed cost for maintenance over a long term is important for plant managers to secure maintenance budgets. What is also important to the client is the option for a refurbishment or upgrade solution available in the future as industrial elevators can not easily be replaced as they are often built around and into the plant infrastructure. Alimak Service offer both long term service contracts and have a well-established refurbishment programme for industrial elevators offering the ability to manage the equipment over the total lifecycle.

Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) – like industrial elevators, BMUs are designed and built into the fabric of the building, on the roof and in some cases at various intervals of the building, so are a permanent fixture with a long lifespan. As a result, there is a requirement for facilities managers and building owners to control the cost of maintenance over a period and we see an increasing number of clients take advantage of our long-term service contracts to meet this need. Furthermore, we are expanding our capability to support major refurbishment, upgrade and modernisations of BMUs given many units around the world are coming to an age were components and systems need to be replaced because they are worn, superseded by new technology, obsolete or unviable to repair. Alimak Service has a dedicated team of factory engineers to support refurbishment projects from start to finish and have some exciting projects we are currently working on and will share in 2020 – watch this space! Another interesting trend is the increasing demand for enhancing the lifting functionality of the BMU, such as adding auxiliary hoists to bring up loads from the ground to the cradle.

Wind Turbine Service Lifts – wind is moving offshore and in a big way! In Europe alone there is an ambition to build the installed base of wind turbines offshore to produce 450GW of energy by 2050 which would meet 30% of the continents power demand, 85% of which will be installed in the North, Irish and Baltic Seas, making Western Europe a real hive of offshore activity. Exhibiting recently at Wind Europe Offshore in Copenhagen, Alimak Service had some great discussions with our clients about the future of offshore wind and how we will support them during this period of accelerated growth. Another area Alimak Service has recently expanded is the management of rectification programmes on behalf of wind farm operators to bring service lifts back to full utilisation were there has been a history of poor installation and/or maintenance of the service lift that has resulted in long term technical problems at the site.

Despite the geographical, technical and economic differences between the industry sectors in which we operate, we see that the vast majority of our customers appreciate our speed of response, expert knowledge and wide choice of services and products we offer; delivered with the same sense of urgency and integrity no matter where our customers are in the world. Alimak Service will be revealing a range of new digital tools, eLearning’s and service products in 2020 to help make life easier for our customers and become better connected with their products. We love to hear from our customers about our products and services, so don’t forget to follow us on social media or get in touch with us via our website. Finally, Alimak Service would like to send our wishes to our customers around the world during this festive period and we look forward to working with you in 2020!

Service agreements provide value and flexibility in managing industrial rack and pinion elevators

Service agreements provide value and flexibility in managing industrial rack and pinion elevators

Alimak industrial rack and pinion elevators provide vertical access solutions to thousands of industrial plants around the world and form an essential part of the plant infrastructure, allowing people and materials access to sections of the plant for maintenance and monitoring, putting a high priority on the need for the elevators to operate without fail when called upon to avoid costly downtime and closures. Given the need for 100% uptime of the industrial elevators it is essential that the units are properly maintained to avoid unnecessary downtime.

Alimak industrial elevators are usually found on large scale plants and form just one part of the production process, with plant operators and maintenance teams often responsible for hundreds of pieces of equipment, all requiring some form of regular maintenance and inspection. It is for this reason, many Alimak industrial elevator owners and operators choose to operate their Alimak equipment on a maintenance or service agreement provided by Alimak Service to guarantee the uptime coming from the installed units, to help reduce the operating costs and budget for maintenance over the life cycle of the equipment.

In the USA coal and gas fuelled power plants provide a significant proportion of the country’s energy needs and as such, production and refinery facilities are usually on a large scale with sites operating a multiple number of rack and pinion elevators. The Alimak Service team in the USA have recently helped a number of energy producers streamline their service requirement by providing a tailored service solution based on their specific needs, resulting in service programmes that delivers across a broad scope of work to meet individual site challenges.

In the state of Ohio, Alimak Service has secured a long-term service agreement for 20 industrial elevators ranging from early Alimak Scando and Champion elevators to the latest Alimak SE industrial elevators at the Cardinal Power Plant operated by Buckeye Power Inc. As one of the largest coal plants in the USA producing 1.8 gigawatts of power, the 20 installed industrial elevators provides crucial access to the plant’s infrastructure. Alimak and Alimak Service has maintained a relationship with the site for a number of years and the latest service agreement fulfils the needs of Buckeye Power Inc, which was to control maintenance costs, maximise uptime and include outage support.

Buckeye Power Inc is not the only energy producer to rely on the support that comes from a service agreement from Alimak Service. Duke Energy Corporation have also recently agreed a multi-site long-term service agreement for 93 rack and pinion elevators located across seven South Eastern states. Alimak Service had not previously provided service maintenance for Duke Energy Corporation as the units were being maintained by in-house and third-party providers. In demonstrating the added value that comes from having service provided by the OEM, Duke Energy were confident to move maintenance of all the rack and pinion elevators to one provider, Alimak Service, streamlining the maintenance operation and ensuing the equipment is maintained to OEM standards.

A service agreement from Alimak Service helps to keep equipment safe and compliant, in optimum condition, maximum performance and helps to control costs and help budget for the life cycle of the equipment. It is recognised that the owners and operators of equipment who have equipment on a long-term service agreement or maintenance contract note an overall better product experience through its life cycle with fewer unexpected surprises. It is also a common misconception that service maintenance from the OEM is expensive – on the contrary, the hidden value from an OEM service agreement often out weights the sometimes ‘cheaper’ alternative.

To learn more about service agreements and maintenance contracts get in touch with the Alimak Service team.

Avanti Wind Systems and Alimak Service – the ultimate combination

Avanti Wind Systems and Alimak Service – the ultimate combination

Avanti is a leader and pioneer in vertical access solutions for wind turbine towers and is dedicated to increasing safety whilst lowering the cost of energy production. Avanti service lifts, tower internals and climb assists products can be found in every corner of the globe, as Avanti equipment is selected by major OEMs and wind farm operators due to the quality and reliability of its products, service support and total cost of ownership over the total lifecycle of the equipment.

In 2016, Avanti became part of the Alimak Group, a global leader in vertical access solutions. Service support for Avanti products is provided by Alimak Service, the global service organisation of the Alimak Group of companies. Alimak Service was launched to the global wind industry at WindEnergy Hamburg in September 2018 to great applause. The coming together of two industry leading brands, Avanti and Alimak Service provides an unparalleled support package for the on-shore and off-shore wind sector.

Alimak Service is uniquely positioned to support its customers to manage their installed base of wind turbine tower internals, no matter where in the world they are located. Alimak Service has service centres in over 60 countries with highly trained and certified technicians able to mobilise to some of the hardest to reach locations around the world on land or sea – with an increasing percentage of wind turbines being sited off-shore Alimak Service is well positioned to be an important partner for the growing off-shore sector.

Through Alimak Service, customers can access a full range of products and services, designed to offer a ‘one stop shop’ solution that makes it easy for customers to manage their assets in a cost-effective manner. In addition to a full range of service maintenance packages, inspections, and genuine replacement parts, Alimak Service offers the most comprehensive service support programme in the industry:

Avanti One – a ‘one stop shop’ programme designed to take care of the complete tower internals from the base of the tower to the nacelle. Regular inspections, service and preventative maintenance of all the internal components, including service lifts, ladders, climb assist, guard rails, rest platforms, fire extinguishers, first aid kits and anchor points to name but some of the items included in the programme. The benefit is ‘one’ service provider to do all safety inspections requiring only ‘one’ periodic shutdown reducing downtime – Avanti ‘one’ is the perfect solution

Training – 6 Global Wind Organisation (GWO) certified training centres located close to major wind energy producing regions and web-based eLearning accessible anywhere at any time to support the on-going training of persons using Avanti products. A wide range of operator and safety courses are available and all training is logged and managed through a customer portal to make it easy to access training records and book new courses

Safety Runners – as an integral part of the fall protection system within the tower, Avanti safety runners require an annual inspection and service to ensure the fall protection system is in optimum working condition. To assist customers in managing their stocks of safety runners, Alimak Service provides a range of options to suit the customer to minimise down time, such as an exchange programme and testing centres located close to major wind markets

With a proven track record of service excellence within the vertical access industry, the Alimak Service organisation has at its core some of the most experienced service support technicians and After Sales professionals in the wind industry today – it is these people who provide the extra layer of service excellence that customers demand to ensure everyone working in the wind turbine tower remains safe, and that operational targets to keep the cost of producing energy low are met.

Avanti and Alimak Service is the ultimate combination – world class products and customer support. For more information on Alimak Service visit or to make an enquiry about the products and services listed above contact your local service centre here.

The importance of properly trained personnel

The importance of properly trained personnel

Having correctly trained personnel is critical in ensuring the safe use of vertical access equipment. The owners of vertical access equipment have a duty of care to ensure that persons using, operating, installing or maintaining equipment are properly trained to carry out the required task. Having the correct training, in addition to the correct tools and PPE/PFPE goes a long way to avoid hazards and mitigate the risks associated with working at height. Deciding who needs to be trained and to what level can be challenging and sometimes not fully understood, especially as requirements will differ between one country or region to another and between the different types of vertical access equipment.

If your organisation is unsure about what training is required or need help with identifying gaps in current provision, then it is advisable to seek advice from a professional training organisation, who have the correct knowledge, experience and skills to identify the correct training requirement for the regulatory framework in which the equipment is being used and the specific needs for the different types of equipment users.

Ole Jenson, Global Training Manager for the Alimak Group recognises the importance of training and says “customer training is a very important area for the Alimak Group to ensure our users have the right competence level to ensure high safety and the right utilisation of our products”. Ole goes on to mention that training is not just about safety, but also about product satisfaction. “Customer surveys indicate that customers that have the right level of training within their organisation are more pleased with their products and willing to recommend the products in the future”.

Global Health, Safety and Training Manager Fortunately for the owners and operators of Alimak, Avanti, CoxGomyl and Manntech vertical access equipment there is an easy solution to the training challenge. Introducing Alimak Service, the dedicated global service organisation for Alimak, Avanti, CoxGomyl and Manntech products have training teams located around the world to provide users and operators of our equipment with the best available training in the vertical access industry.

Alimak Service offers training to support the safe operation, maintenance and installation of our equipment. We also offer a wide range of personal safety training courses and deliver courses through a mixture of classroom and e-learning based resources. As a driving force in the vertical access industry, Alimak Service are dedicated to promoting the highest standards of training and work closely with several leading safety and industry organisations to ensure the content we deliver adheres too or exceeds regulatory and legislative framework. Alimak Service actively promote and adopt the best working practices currently available in the industry and update our training to reflect these positive changes.

Our training courses are focused on Five key areas:
– Personal Safety Training
– Operator Training
– Technical Training
– Installation Training
– Duty Holder Training

Alimak Service provide a flexible approach to training with classroom-based courses located at one of our dedicated global service centres and state of the art e-learning, that can be accessed anywhere and at any time, providing essential support to people in remote locations. Alimak Service support our customers in developing their own individual training pathway, keeping a record of completed training and provide updates when refreshers and re-certification is required. Furthermore, some training courses can be conducted on-site subject to standard requirements being met to ensure the safety of all participants.

For more information on training courses available for Alimak, Avanti, CoxGomyl and Manntech products in your location, please contact your local Alimak Service centre here

Alimak Service takes part in the largest BMU refurbishment in USA history

Alimak Service takes part in the largest BMU refurbishment in USA history

Alimak Service has won a major building maintenance unit refurbishment project to be delivered at International Place, Boston, and completed in 2019. The USA Alimak Service team will refurbish four Manntech BMUs, of which three were installed in 1986 and one in 1990. The units to be refurbished are located at levels 20, 28, 36, and 46. The program offered by Alimak Service will include new control and electrical upgrades and replacement of stack bearings, screw nuts for the jibs, flooring for the platform, and platform covers.

The building owner, Chiofaro Management Company of Boston chose Alimak Service to undertake this major project based on their vast experience in refurbishing BMUs in complex building spaces whilst minimizing disruption to the building’s occupants. Replacing existing BMU’s with new is not always possible due to extended cost and logistics of removing the old unit from the roof and installing the new – this is when refurbishment becomes the perfect solution. The result in this case will be four Manntech BMUs installed with the latest electronic hardware and software and certified to the most recent safety standards.

Alimak Service are the official OEM service provider for Manntech as part of the Alimak Group, with a company HQ in Houston, Texas and a network of service sales and service technicians located across the USA providing the only coast to coast coverage for a BMU company in the USA, cementing Alimak Service commitment to being close to our customers.

In addition to refurbishments programmes and control upgrades, Alimak Service provides maintenance and inspection, genuine replacement parts and training, such as operator and duty holder training. With factory trained technicians, Alimak Service are the specialists at maintaining Manntech BMU’s to ensuring the maximum lifecycle from each client asset is achieved. A range of service contracts are available for new and existing Manntech BMU’s.