How to foster a culture of safe working practices

How to foster a culture of safe working practices

Alimak Service is a global leader in vertical access service solutions. We provide a full range of service, parts, and training solutions, delivered by a global service support network across 100 countries. Our mission is to ensure the highest level of product uptime and safety, over the total life cycle of your equipment.

Alimak Service are committed to ensuring safe working practices during the ongoing use of products and are dedicated to keeping our people, our customers and all those engaged with vertical access equipment, safe and compliant.

Outside of compliance, it is recommended that worksites develop a positive safety culture.

The safety culture of an organisation is the product of individual and group values, attitudes, perceptions, competencies, and patterns of behaviour that determine the commitment to, and style and proficiency of, an organisations health and safety management.

Organisations with a positive safety culture are characterised by communications founded on mutual trust, shared perceptions of the importance of safety and by confidence in the robustness of preventive measures.

As industry leaders, Alimak Service have collated three of the best practices to help foster this culture.

  1. Provide diverse, high-quality training

All industrial and construction sites can benefit from regular, high-quality training. As industry practices develop, it is important that workers knowledge on safe working practices and product operation is kept up to date to avoid safety risks.

Alimak Service offers a wide range of training courses delivered through a blend of classroom and online learning-based resources. As a leader in the vertical access industry, we are dedicated to promoting the highest standards of training and work closely with several leading safety and industry organisations to ensure content delivered adheres to or exceeds regulatory and legislative framework.

  1. Conduct regular equipment inspections

Regular inspections of Alimak Group equipment should be carried out both by trained service technicians and duty holders, to ensure optimal performance and safety is effectively maintained to safeguard against safety risks arising from compliance and maintenance issues. Likewise, the procedures implemented by equipment operators should be regularly monitored to ensure adherence to all relevant regulations and guidance is maintained.

Through our memberships to some of the world’s leading safety and industry organisations, Alimak Service actively promotes and seeks to improve practices for the operation and maintenance of vertical access equipment. To this effect, Alimak Service offers a wide range of inspections and certifications to support our customers in demonstrating that their equipment is compliant to the regulatory framework in which they operate, and their people are competent in its use.

  1. Foster a culture of positive accountability

The responsibility of ensuring workplace safety and taking accountability for identifying potential hazards and risks should not be only limited to safety professionals. A culture of encouraging safety awareness and responsibility by all employees and contractors is key. Outside of practical safety solutions such as training and inspections, ensuring that a strong safety culture is in place is the most important step. This starts with senior management, who should set an example of a safety culture for all employees.

Contact the team at Alimak Service to learn more about the range of available services to help assist in developing a safe workplace culture.

Comprehensive service and support solutions for Avanti products

Comprehensive service and support solutions for Avanti products

Avanti is one of the global leaders in safe work in wind turbines. Through high-quality safety products and solutions for wind turbine towers, Avanti helps customers make wind energy cost competitive. With a comprehensive range of vertical access solutions all geared around maximizing safety, Avanti service lifts meet the varied and changing needs of customers in the renewable energy industry.

Alimak Service is the brand used by Avanti and Alimak Group’s other brands as the preferred service provider. Alimak Service is uniquely positioned to deliver unrivalled after sales support.

Service Solutions

Whatever the needs of an Avanti customer, Alimak Service is able to provide a service solution. The comprehensive range of services available can vary from ad hoc repairs to comprehensive regular service plans for maintenance, designed to keep Avanti equipment in optimal working condition throughout its entire life. Alimak Service’s expertise extends across the entire range of Avanti products including, wind turbine service lifts, fall protection systems, ladders and climb assistance.

An Alimak Service package ensures full compliance to industry standards as tasks are being completed by highly qualified and educated specialist technicians following Avanti’s manufacturer’s specifications. This provides for minimal downtime and increased productivity, with all-important certifications supplied on completion.

Genuine Spare Parts

It is vital that genuine Avanti spare parts are used in any work carried out on the Avanti service lifts. Not only does this keep the equipment to standard according to certification and warranty requirements, but it is also a critical safety concern.

Classroom and online training solutions

Alimak Service’s product-specific expertise in Avanti products and wealth of experience in the vertical access industry provides comprehensive training solutions that contribute to safer working in the wind industry across operation, personal safety and technical training. Effective training provides certification and helps Avanti owners and operators to ensure compliance with relevant regulations. Online, remote learning and classroom formats are available.

Inspections, Safety and Compliance

As part of a core commitment to safety in vertical access, Alimak Service offers a range of programs covering Avanti product inspections and compliance certification for equipment.  An inspection carried out by an expert Alimak Service technician allows owners and operators to work with the best possible safe working practices in place.

Refurbishment Solutions

Where Avanti products are reaching the end of their natural life cycle, refurbishment in conjunction with the expert Alimak Service team may be an attractive option. When undertaken by appropriately qualified experts, refurbishment can effectively and economically extend the operational life of a service lift and improve performance of an aging system with a partial or complete overhaul. Refurbishment includes a full inspection and report on the Avanti system currently in place encompassing the structural, mechanical and safety systems. From there, a detailed proposal will assist customers in making informed choices on the benefits of specific refurbishment and upgrade work and how this can deliver updated technical and safety features for enhanced performance.

For more information on Alimak Service’s service and support solutions for Avanti products please contact

Alimak Service offers expert inspections and parts exchange programs to maintain performance and safety

Alimak Service offers expert inspections and parts exchange programs to maintain performance and safety

Alimak Service is uniquely qualified to deliver the best possible service for the leading brand names across the vertical access industry. This includes fast and convenient access to genuine Avanti parts for wind turbine service lifts, genuine spare parts for building maintenance units from Manntech and CoxGomyl and an extensive range of genuine spare parts, for a range of vertical access systems from Alimak from constructions hoists to industrial elevators.

Beyond the peace of mind provided by genuine spare parts from the original equipment manufacturers, Alimak Service is also unrivalled when it comes to the expertise and specific product knowledge necessary to protect the investment in vertical access solutions and contribute to safer working practices. Specifically, Alimak Service is able to offer several unique service offerings encompassing expert inspection programs and exchange or replacement programs for key components.

The close relationship with the leading providers across the industry means Alimak Service technicians are uniquely qualified to carry out safety inspections with the highest level of familiarity whilst meeting every requirement for best practice on safety systems and protocols. Just one example are annual inspections including the specialised Avanti runner. Alimak Service’s highly qualified technicians ensure compliance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and wider industry standards. The inspection process utilises an extensive global network of service centres to return each Avanti runner ‘as new’ using genuine Avanti parts where replacement is required with certification for a 12-month period.

The patented Alimak safety device is a well regarded innovation which revolutionised safety in the vertical access industry, deploying automatically in response to excessive speed to bring the car to a smooth stop while also cutting power to the drive unit. Appropriate inspection, maintenance and replacement of this vital Alimak part is clearly a critical safety issue. The Alimak safety device exchange program, available from Alimak Service, takes all uncertainty out of the equation with a lifetime warranty on the Alimak safety device. Replacement devices are remanufactured to the highest standards and rigorously tested, while also being brought up to date with the most recent design to deliver a remanufactured unit equal to a new model.

When it comes to building maintenance units, wire ropes are a key part in effective operation and safety. Often subject to general wear and tear, as well as factors specific to the individual system or environment, wire ropes should be inspected annually and replaced at least every four to five years to avoid compromised performance, damage to other components and, most importantly, compromised safety. Again, Alimak Service’s close relationship with industry leaders provides peace of mind across a full range of services with routine inspections including wire rope testing and, where necessary, a replacement package which covers testing and warranty for optimal performance.

Contact us to find out more about Alimak Service’s inspection and exchange programs.

Alimak Service offers competence-based, GWO accredited training to support safe operations and compliance in the wind industry

Alimak Service offers competence-based, GWO accredited training to support safe operations and compliance in the wind industry

Avanti Wind Systems is one of the global leaders in safe work in wind turbines. With installations in over 35,000 wind turbines around the world, Avanti’s wind turbine service lifts are designed to reduce the costs associated with the wind industry through safety solutions designed specifically for use in wind turbines. Alimak Service is in a unique position to offer dedicated, high-quality support and service solutions to Avanti customers. Utilising a global network, Alimak Service delivers a range of service and maintenance programs, Avanti parts as well as training for the safe operation of wind turbine service lifts.

Created in line with leading safety and industry organisations, Alimak Service’s training safety courses for the Wind industry are GWO accredited to ensure customers remain compliant and up to date with wind industry regulations. The GWO (Global Wind Organisation) is an industry body dedicated to achieving an injury-free working environment whilst setting common international standards for safety training and emergency procedures. GWO training standards set a number of requirements and criteria to be fulfilled during training exercises and acknowledge certified training providers such as Alimak Service who are knowledgeable and proficient in the delivery of such training.

Through a range of competence-based training solutions, Alimak Service supports the safe and compliant operation, inspection and installation of Avanti wind turbine service lifts. A range of training courses are available to meet the specific requirements of customers including safety, technical, operator and installation training.

Browse the range of GWO accredited training courses available from Alimak Service:

Avanti Fire Awareness – 4 hours
Avanti Fire Awareness Refresher Course – 4 hours
Avanti First Aid – 16 hours
Avanti First Aid Refresher 8 hours
Avanti Manual Handling – 4 hours
Avanti Manual Handling Refresher 4 hours
Avanti Working at Heights – 16 hours
Avanti Working at Heights Refresher– 8 hours

Including the GWO accredited training available from Alimak Service, a range of courses are also available for owners, operators and service providers of Avanti products. All training courses offered for Avanti products educate workers on the skilled and competent use of vertical access equipment.

Alimak Service also provides training solutions designed to overcome issues with accessibility by transcending traditional classroom learning methods. Easily track participants progress and access certifications via an easy to use Training Management System. Site managers can also verify participants certificate authenticity via our easy to use online app.

Get in touch with Alimak Service to discuss how the range of GWO accredited training courses support safety and compliance in the wind industry.

Maximise safety with advanced online BMU Operator Training

Maximise safety with advanced online BMU Operator Training

As part of Alimak Group’s companies, Alimak Service are uniquely positioned to provide tailored service and support solutions for the continuing optimal functionality of a wide range of essential vertical access products from leading global brand names including building maintenance units from Manntech and CoxGomyl.

The close relationship with these leading providers of the highest quality building maintenance units means that the Alimak Service team can deliver unrivalled product specific knowledge and expertise across a wide range of service solutions. This includes inspections, maintenance, servicing, easy access to genuine spare parts from the original equipment manufacturers and, not least, a range of training services delivered by knowledgeable and experienced industry experts. Our extensive offering now includes the new addition of BMU Duty Holder Training and BMU Basic Operator Training courses. These courses have been successfully deployed in a classroom setting and the positive feedback we received led us to develop the world’s first dedicated BMU eLearning training courses.

Alimak Service’s BMU operator training is now offered as an online course for maximum accessibility and convenience. This is a state of the art service developed using the latest technology to provide online learning in a 3D environment. The online training framework has been developed from the ground up in order to meet the specific industry needs associated with BMU operators. Interactive 3D graphics are combined with a virtual ‘white board’ screen which effectively communicates the theoretical aspects of the course. The training can be undertaken using a PC, tablet or mobile device providing access anytime and anywhere. This flexibility allows for training to be completed based on your own schedule while also saving the time and expense involved with travel and accommodation. In fact, the online version of BMU operator training has proved four times faster to complete than the classroom version.

Well-established, world leading providers of facade access solutions always put safety at the core of every product they design and manufacture. Safety standards can of course be compromised, however, when individual operators are not sufficiently well trained in the use of this highly-engineered equipment. All of which can put the safety of the operators themselves, building tenants and the general public at risk. All of the specific expertise of Alimak Service has been built into our recently launched eLearning course for BMU operators. In order to ensure the highest possible standards of safety and reduce the risks of harm as far as possible, we highly recommend that BMU operators complete this course either online or in the classroom in combination with a hands on familiarisation course. The development of all our training resources is driven by our commitment to make the building maintenance units we work with the safest building access solutions available on the market.

These pioneering BMU Operator Training courses are easy and convenient for the designated booking manager to register for through our Training Management System. Certificates are stored online and issued immediately upon course completion.
Contact us to discuss the details and benefits of our advanced online training options.

Alimak Service provide comprehensive after-sales product support for Alimak construction hoists

Alimak Service provide comprehensive after-sales product support for Alimak construction hoists

For over 70 years, Alimak have produced industry leading vertical access products engineered to serve the construction industry. Investing in cutting edge technologies Alimak’s mission is to drive productive and sustainable operations on construction sites around the world. Famous for their durability and reliability, Alimak construction hoists have become an essential in the construction industry for fast vertical access across a range of construction applications. Alimak Service offer service and maintenance packages, as well as upgrades, repairs and training courses on Alimak construction, hoists to maximise product uptime and optimise efficient operations on construction sites.

Providing a range of service solutions, Alimak Service aim to preserve the performance of your Alimak construction hoist and ensure safe operations throughout the lifecycle of the product. Services may be requested on a pay-as-you-go basis and repair work can be provided at any time. Maintenance and servicing can also be undertaken regularly through a range of packages designed to meet the requirements of construction hoists. These more standard arrangements work to Alimak’s servicing and maintenance schedules. Owners also have the option to upgrade to a comprehensive servicing package so that preventative maintenance may be undertaken to reduce the risk of any costly unscheduled or unnecessary downtime. All work is carried out by specialist Alimak Service technicians trained to work at heights so you know you’re in good hands.

What’s more, Alimak Service only use genuine spare parts sourced from 12 factories around the world for quality repairs, maintenance and upgrades that work the first time. These spare construction hoist parts are manufactured to Alimak’s standards to restore the performance of your equipment without compromising on safety or quality. Those seeking construction hoist parts enjoy fast dispatch times from one of 100 service centres around the world as part of Alimak Service’s aim to minimise any unnecessary downtime.

Alimak Service aim to ensure the safe and compliant operation of Alimak equipment on all construction and industrial projects. With courses on safety, operator training, technical and installation training available both in the classroom and as e-learning programmes, Alimak Service training courses are available for to those working in even the most remote locations. Training solutions can also be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, Technical training and Control System Operation training are specifically advised for the owners of construction hoists to ensure the safe operation of the hoist within the construction site environment. Working closely with key safety institutions within the industry, Alimak Service deliver quality training content created to be compliant and get customers up to speed with legal frameworks and regulations.

Alimak Service are the leading provider of customer support for Alimak construction hoists across the industry. Get in touch with our team for more information on how our products and services can maintain the efficiency of your construction hoist.

Alimak Service foster optimal productivity for industrial elevators

Alimak Service foster optimal productivity for industrial elevators

Operating as a leader in the vertical access industry for over 70 years, Alimak’s proud history includes a track record for reliable products, designed for safety and engineered for high-functionality and productivity enhancement in even the most demanding environments. The Alimak industrial elevator utilises Alimak’s pioneering technology across a range of industrial applications including ports and shipyards, mines, plants and warehouses. Alimak Service offer service programs for maintenance, upgrades, training and spare parts.

Alimak’s industrial elevators are often used to transport passengers and materials to various vertical levels of access around industrial sites. Essential to a range of industrial operations, it is vital for an industrial elevator to be maintained throughout its lifecycle for a consistently high performance and to reduce the risk of unnecessary downtime. Owners and operators of Alimak industrial elevators often sign up for a service or maintenance plan to facilitate uptime in their machinery, reduce the costs of operations and prolong the product lifecycle.

The Service Maintenance packages offered by Alimak Service provide tailored after-sales support programmes. From servicing and preventative maintenance solutions to total lifecycle care, Alimak Service’s Service Maintenance packages are designed for flexibility with a pay as you go model available depending on the level of support required. Downtime for Alimak industrial elevators is minimised through the use of fully trained specialist technicians, genuine spare Alimak parts and scheduled servicing.

The safety of those operating Alimak equipment is a priority in all Alimak Service operations. Alimak Service offer comprehensive training programmes to ensure the safe and compliant use of Alimak industrial elevators. Working with key organisations within the industry renowned for safety, Alimak Service training courses include safety, operator, installation and technical training. Elevator Technical Training and Control System Operation courses are specifically curated to aid the competent and safe use of industrial elevators and keep staff compliant with local and industry regulations.

Alimak Service exclusively use of genuine Alimak parts in all maintenance, upgrade and repair operations. Sourced from 12 product factories, Alimak Service use genuine spare parts for high-quality maintenance that restores performance and prolongs the operating life of machinery. Alimak Service provide spare parts for the range of Alimak industrial elevators.

Get in touch with the Alimak Service team to discuss servicing, maintenance and training solutions for your Alimak industrial elevator.


End to end vertical access service solutions for complete safety

End to end vertical access service solutions for complete safety

Across the broad range of industries that require vertical access solutions for the practical, efficient and profitable running of their businesses, the safety of your people and of the general public should always be the top priority. The first step towards high levels of safety is choosing high-quality, well-designed and precision engineered vertical access equipment from trusted manufacturers. Ensuring safe operation of your vertical access systems such as building maintenance units, construction hoists and industrial elevators over the entire life of your equipment, is an ongoing responsibility that needs to be met effectively.

As part of the Alimak Group of companies, encompassing leading names in the vertical access industry including Alimak, CoxGomyl, Manntech and Avanti Wind Systems, Alimak Service are ideally positioned to offer our customers complete peace of mind by providing end to end service solutions which protect your equipment and its safe operation during every individual use and across its entire life cycle.

From the very beginning of the relationship, Alimak Service are able to provide installation by fully qualified, highly trained technicians to ensure the highest levels of safety are established from the outset, whether your vertical access equipment is a permanent fixture or only required temporarily.

Effective training is another key aspect of ensuring the safe operation of your vertical access equipment, and Alimak Service are pleased to offer a broad range of training solutions which can be tailored to your specific needs. Options are available to cover areas including personal safety, specific safety training for machine operators and technical training. Delivery methods are also flexible and encompass classroom-based learning, e-learning courses and on-site training.

Our comprehensive range of service solutions are designed to protect your equipment and your safety across the entire lifecycle of your access system. A number of options are available to suit your individual needs, from unscheduled repair work and servicing tasks on an as-requested basis to packages which provide for regular servicing and maintenance. These are particularly suited to construction hoists, industrial elevators, building maintenance units and wind turbine service lifts. Packages might take the form of a more standard arrangement which satisfies the original equipment manufactures’ schedules or a comprehensive servicing agreement including preventative maintenance which can help more closely monitor and manage your equipment.

All Alimak Service solutions are geared towards achieving the safest possible outcomes by providing fully trained technicians who are certified to work at height and in any number of specialised environments. In addition, only genuine spare parts are sourced from our partners in the Alimak Group and a limited number of other trusted suppliers, so safety is never compromised by inferior quality replacement parts.

Alimak Service can be with you every step of the way and work with you to ensure optimum safety standards are achieved consistently. Contact us to discuss how we can help you to improve safety and minimise risk.

Choosing the right maintenance provider for your access equipment

Choosing the right maintenance provider for your access equipment

We naturally expect that well-made, high-quality equipment is designed and built to last, but if you don’t choose the right service provider to provide maintenance, the lifecycle of your investment could be reduced.

For building owners and managers, a lack of sufficient maintenance to access systems can mean inconvenient downtime, loss of rental yield, the unforeseen expenses of having to  refurbish or replace equipment which has not been sufficiently maintained and, most importantly, risk the personal safety of operators, residents and the general public.

Choosing the right service provider for your needs, by selecting a supplier with a combination of expertise and excellent customer service and provisioning of high quality parts, can offer peace of mind regarding your responsibilities for guarding the safety of the operators and the public. The right service provider can also help ensure that your valuable access equipment continues to perform at optimum levels over the entire life of the system.

Alimak Service is a dedicated service organisation formed by a union between the leading brands in vertical access solutions: Alimak, CoxGomyl, Manntech and Avanti. In addition, Alimak Service also provides service solutions for vertical access equipment from the brands Alimak Hek, Heis-Tek, Hek and Champion. This brings together the years of experience, knowledge and expertise from all of the biggest names in the industry, as well as delivering the finest customer support to all of our customers in locations across the globe.

The Alimak Group of companies has over 67,000 elevators, hoists, platforms, service lifts and building maintenance units installed around the world. As the global service support organisation of the Alimak Group, Alimak Service offers a global presence encompassing a network of technicians along with service centres and carefully selected authorised distributors in over 100 countries; Alimak Service is ideally positioned to provide customers with service when and where it is needed.

This depth of expertise combined with broad reach allows Ailimak Service to deliver a wide range of service solutions specially tailored to the needs and requirements of each customer. Service options include asset management, servicing, maintenance and repairs, procurement of genuine spare parts, refurbishment solutions, training, inspections, safety and compliance. This all ensures that your investment in vertical access systems is protected, that they continue to serve you as they are designed to, and that providing a safe environment is taken care of under the watchful eye of industry experts.

For all of your service, parts and training enquiries for your vertical access system, please contact us.