High-quality equipment should always be manufactured to last, however to ensure the lifecycle of your investment is maximised, it’s important to select the right service provider for maintenance, training and genuine spare parts.

Neglecting sufficient maintenance for your building maintenance system can result in downtime, loss of rental yield and even unforeseen expenses to refurbish or replace equipment before its due. More importantly insufficient maintenance can result in building owners and facility managers inadvertently putting the safety of operators, residents and the general public at risk.

Choosing the optimal service supplier with proven experience and support mitigates again these risks ensuring the responsibilities to safeguard the operators and the public are met. An experienced and well trusted service provider will also ensure your building maintenance unit experiences optimum performance and efficiency over its lifetime.

Alimak Service is the dedicated service organisation for the leading façade access equipment brands CoxGomyl and Manntech. Through Alimak Service, customers can access a full range of products and services, designed to offer a ‘one stop shop’ solution that makes it easy for customers to manage their assets in a cost-effective manner, this includes; a full range of service maintenance packages, genuine replacement parts, inspections and training. Alimak Service can count many of the world’s tallest and most prestigious buildings as clients and are proud to offer the widest choice of service maintenance packages available on the market today, with a reputation for quality and customer excellence that is unparalleled in the façade access industry.

With the largest number of service technicians and service support centres in the façade access industry, Alimak Service are strategically located close to the world’s major cities and can respond and mobilise quickly to unscheduled downtime. The range of clients and scope of work undertaken by Alimak Service is testament to the fact it is the forerunner in after sales product and customer support for CoxGomyl and Manntech BMUs. Alimak Service are also experienced in supporting clients with a mix of façade access equipment, providing customers  with a complete product and service solution.

Also offered is a range of refurbishment and control upgrade packages designed to modernise aging machines to extend the operational life of the equipment with a complete or partial overhaul of the structural, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, control or safety systems. Our service centres have dedicated technicians and resources for managing the complete refurbishment process from the initial evaluation through to the final installation and re-certification. For high complexity and major refurbishments, Alimak Service utilise the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the CoxGomyl and Manntech product factories located in Europe.

If you are a building owner, facility manager or façade access consultant operating CoxGomyl and Manntech Building Maintenance Units, Alimak Service are available to help you manage your assets over the complete lifecycle of the equipment. Click here to contact your local Alimak Service team for more information.

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