Construction Hoists

For many types of construction projects, construction hoists are an indispensable piece of on-site machinery and the transport solution they provide is vital to the completion of an efficient, cost effective and safe build. Whether construction hoists are required for a brand new office, retail or residential development or refurbishment and redevelopment of existing structures, or for more industrial and civil engineering construction projects such as chimneys and bridges, significant delays and more serious problems can arise without a reliable construction hoist with all the required functionality the project will demand. Beyond cargo and materials, construction hoists are also used for transporting passengers and for getting key team members where they need to be quickly and safely. Bearing in mind the range of vital tasks completed with construction hoists each and every day, it seems clear that putting plans in place for their inspection, servicing and general maintenance is a smart decision which will protect your investment, avoid slowdowns and delays and, above all, protect the safety of your team on site as well as the safety of the general public.

The engineering and technology involved is constantly advancing and the capabilities of modern construction hoists have been played a notable role in the transformation of the construction industry over the years. Construction hoists from industry leaders such as Alimak, for example, are capable of lifting heavy loads of up to 3,200 kilograms or, where size and space are the deciding factor, Alimak’s range also includes the largest car ever made available on a standard, single mast construction hoist. With internal car measurements of up to five metres in length, two metres wide and 2.8 metres high, this is especially suited to transporting large facade sections or other bulky elements. For projects where time is of the essence, construction hoists in the Alimak range are capable of travelling safely and reliably at speeds of up to 100 metres per minute, which can be a real advantage where efficiency and productivity are key factors.With highly-engineered machines of such size carrying heavy loads at great speeds, it makes sense to entrust servicing and maintenance to Alimak Service who offer the same foundation of knowledge, expertise and experience to keep your hoists performing at optimum levels and ensure the safety of everyone involved in their use.

Construction hoists in the Alimak range include a number of elements which work together as part of a modular system which offer impressive flexibility for multiple tasks to suit the customer’s individual needs. With a relatively small collection of modules and components combined with a base unit, many Alimak construction hoist systems can be adapted to serve a wide variety of applications. This flexibility includes construction hoists which can be deployed in configuration of single or dual cars, hoist car design which provides for various car lengths and a several options for doors and ramps. For yet more adaptability and cost-effective working, some cars are also designed to be capable of sharing a common mast with cars from other parts of the range or even sharing the mast with other equipment such as a work platform or transport platform. However, the continued functionality and safety of any construction hoist system, including modular systems with multiple elements, can only be ensured if all of the parts used during every service and repair are of sufficient quality. Alimak Service only uses genuine spare parts from the original manufacturers and, where necessary, from a select group of trusted suppliers.

Construction hoists are designed to solve the everyday issues you face on site and built to last in the toughest conditions.Alimak Service’s expert team are highly qualified and ideally placed to help you deliver every construction project with complete peace of mind in knowing your hoist equipment and the safety of your people is protected.