As an indispensable partner in the construction of a major city tunnel project, Alimak Service played a key role in ensuring the custom engineered vertical access solution from Alimak was efficiently installed.

This extensive public infrastructure work in Brisbane, Australia includes digging twin tunnels of 5.9 kilometres beneath the river and the Central Business District. Alimak were entrusted with designing and manufacturing a unique Alimak SC 65-32 hoist for access which was specifically engineered for the requirements of this tunnelling project.

The Alimak Service team, worked with together with Alimak’s project managers and engineers to overcome a range of challenges throughout every stage from initial consultation to installation.

Alimak Service brought with them unrivalled expertise which was invaluable in the completion of a complex installation, especially for a bespoke hoist unit.

The project called for a top to bottom vertical access solution for tunnel workers travelling 40 metres with two landings, all of which would need to operate in a remarkably limited space. The parameters also dictated that the mast would have to run along the wall, making twin door access to the hoist particularly difficult to achieve. An access platform was locally designed, fabricated and installed by the Alimak Service team to provide access for the Alimak hoist. The platform is temporarily installed for this rental project.

Alimak manufactured a SC 65-32 hoist which met these requirements with specialist fabrication, testing and certification completed in Melbourne. The hoist was then transported to Brisbane as an oversized load and lifted on to the site by crane for the Alimak Service team to undertake an equally unique installation. The extremely limited space available made installation challenging. Due to Alimak Service’s specific expertise and special working relationships with the leading names in the access industry, the on-site team were able to complete the complex installation of the unique
hoist successfully and within tight timelines.

The custom hoist and platform will now remain in place over a two-year rental arrangement, providing reliable and efficient access to workers throughout this major urban tunnelling project while also contributing to safer working practices.


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