For all owners and operators of vertical access equipment from industrial elevators and construction hoists to building maintenance units, safety should always be the number one priority. In practical terms, this means closely following the requirements for inspections and compliance. The inspections available from Alimak Service are carried out by specialist technicians with unrivalled expertise and knowledge of Alimak Group products providing owners and operators with peace of mind that they are meeting industry requirements.

Alimak Service offers owners and operators of Alimak, Manntech, CoxGomyl and Avanti equipment the benefits which come from working with the world-leading providers of service solutions for vertical access equipment. Highly qualified Alimak Service technicians have the expert knowledge and skills to help owners and operators establish and maintain best practice when it comes to safety inspections for an Alimak industrial elevator, building maintenance units from Manntech and CoxGomyl, and wind turbine service lifts from Avanti.

This unique relationship with the pioneers of the vertical access industry, along with membership of many leading safety and industry organisations, makes Alimak Service the natural choice when it comes to ensuring the correct inspection processes for vertical access equipment. Beyond the inspection itself, Alimak Service also provides a wide array of certifications relevant to demonstrating compliance with the varied regulatory requirements in place in the vertical access industry the world over.

Vertical access equipment is often highly engineered and complex machinery and requires highly qualified, expert technicians who are familiar with every part, mechanism and system, as well as all the necessary requirements for best practice safety protocols, fall arrest systems, emergency lighting, evacuations and first aid kits.

In addition to all of this, Alimak Service offers a number of dedicated training courses which empower owners and operators of vertical access equipment with the benefit of the product-specific knowledge to carry out the necessary inspections. The appropriate level of manufacturer training should be completed by all operators in order to ensure best practice inspections can be carried out before use and that best practice is followed every time.

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