Delivering exceptional parts to our customers globally, whenever and wherever needed, throughout the entire machine lifecycle

Alimak Group products are built using the highest quality components, designed and manufactured in one of our 12 product factories and from selected partners producing the industry’s leading proprietary parts. Alimak Service only offer original genuine spare parts, manufactured and sourced to these same exact standards to ensure the equipment is always in optimum operating condition – we never compromise on quality.

Through many years of service, Vertical Access Systems will necessarily require some level of servicing and repair work in order to ensure that they continue to perform optimally and, more importantly, to the highest possible standards of safety throughout their entire life cycle. Although it can seem frustrating when inspections reveal that worn or damaged components will need to be replaced or that an upgrade is required, however responding to these needs by engaging experts in servicing who only use high-quality genuine spare parts is also an opportunity to protect your investment which will achieve the greater longevity, reliability and efficiency in operation. These benefits are most fully realised through the superior quality of components used in both the Alimak parts manufactured at our own facilities and those we source from leading suppliers such as Avanti parts, all of which also provides peace of mind over the safety of machine operators, building residents and the general public.

Genuine Spare Parts

Through our global network of 100 service centres and 12 product factories, Alimak Service offers exceptional parts availability to ensure parts are in the right place at the right time. Our local service teams are highly skilled at identifying and dispatching parts quickly and efficiently. 

The spare parts we source come only from well-established and trusted brand names across the vertical access industry, including Alimak parts for elevators, hoists and platforms, Manntech parts for Building Maintenance Units and Avanti parts which perform vital roles in the access solutions for wind turbines.

The full range of genuine spare parts and accessories we can supply covers all the following brands:

Construction & Industrial Elevators, Hoists and Platforms:

Building Maintenance Units:

Wind Turbine Access Solutions:

Remanufactured Parts

Alimak Service offer a range of components that are remanufactured to the same exact standards as the original and is a cost-effective way to budget for repairs, upgrades and the replacement of time limited parts such as safety breaks. Many of these components are available immediately and can be budgeted into a comprehensive service package to help calculate the total cost of maintenance over the lifecycle of the equipment.

Obsolete & Bespoke Parts

Given the unique, complex and bespoke nature of some of the Alimak Groups products, and the enduring lifecycle of many of these product installations, Alimak Service are specialists in sourcing obsolete or bespoke parts and will endeavour to provide a solution to keep the equipment operational. When parts can no longer be sourced, our expert teams will provide upgrade and modernisation options to help our customers make an informed decision as to the on-going viability of the equipment.