Choosing the right vertical access systems for your needs is obviously important, as is ensuring that a regular program of routine maintenance is in place. Thinking beyond this to a broader view, how can you ensure that you are effectively managing your equipment over its entire lifecycle? Is it providing the service and functionality it should, as efficiently as it should?

Asset management is a more proactive, comprehensive approach to protecting your investment in vertical access equipment over the course of years that make up its total lifecycle. This allows building owners and building managers the freedom and the peace of mind to focus on utilising their equipment and enjoying the benefits it will continue to deliver rather than just reacting to any issues which may occur such as downtime.

Alimak Service’s, total care packages are always unique to our customer’s requirements, combining elements from our service offering and customer support with extra benefits specially tailored to meet the exact requirements of each individual customer.

Alimak Service enjoys the advantage of a global network of service centres, each with full knowledge, expertise and skill of the vertical access equipment available on the market that allows for us to provide a comprehensive total care package anywhere in the world. This localised, asset management-based approach takes an active interest in maximising the potential of every asset to ensure product uptime, safety and productivity is never compromised, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your investment in the best equipment is protected by the best service available.

A typical care package would include a wide range of elements to provide for effective management and maximisation of your equipment’s use-value. From a primary consultation and proposal, we would understand your needs and agree on a service level, as well as establishing a service and preventative maintenance program along with a spare parts package including parts to be replaced at scheduled intervals. Operator training would be provided, along with other services such as emergency call-outs, technical support and troubleshooting help and, where available for your equipment, remote monitoring which can collect and analyse data on performance and identify faults. Total care also includes the on-going evaluation of your asset to effectively manage it through the whole lifecycle.

Asset management is not only for new vertical access systems. Care packages are also available for existing installations, following an inspection and evaluation of the equipment to determine the completion of any immediate work that is required.

Alimak Service care packages, and the big picture asset management approach mean you can rest in confidence that you are always getting the most value from your equipment and won’t have to react to any unforeseen critical issue. What’s more, this peace of mind provides customers with fixed cost over the total lifecycle of the equipment.

To learn more about our Asset Management services and total care packages, please contact us.

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