On many sites around the world, vertical access equipment is key to the flow of profitable and efficient operations. Construction hoists, industrial elevators, building maintenance units and wind turbine service lifts all provide vital access during construction or for inspections and maintenance on critical facilities.

As the service provider for Alimak Group’s range of vertical access products, Alimak Service delivers a comprehensive range of service and support solutions designed to minimise downtime and extend the operational life of vertical access equipment. Alimak Service promotes regular servicing and maintenance to help owners and operators remain compliant with local and industry regulations and maintain high levels of safety at all times.

Here’s a guide to how often construction hoists, industrial elevators, building maintenance units and wind turbine service lifts should undergo preventative maintenance.


Alimak construction hoists and industrial elevators

 To minimise the risk of inconvenient downtime, owners and operators of Alimak construction hoists and industrial elevators should ensure that scheduled maintenance work is carried out regularly and at the recommended time intervals in accordance with the manual of each model. It is also prudent to check local regulations which may vary from information recommended in equipment manuals.

Any adjustments or part replacements that take place as a result of inspections should be carried out by a skilled technician trained to service Alimak’s products. Additionally, only genuine Alimak spare parts should be used to ensure optimal system performance and preserve the validity of the warranty.

The Alimak Safety Device, gearbox, counter roller, switches, emergency stop mechanism, brake lining, brakes, life cables and electric motor should be inspected every 3 months or 40 operating hours to allow for necessary maintenance.

The rack and pinion, emergency lighting, emergency lowering, and enclosures should undergo inspections and or preventative maintenance every 120 operating hours or every 6 months.

Every year or every 1000 operating hours, inspections should take place for corrosion, damage and wear including the mast, guide rail, cable guides and control panels. The hydraulic systems should also be inspected and undergo maintenance or refurbishment if necessary.

As one of the most essential Alimak parts, the Alimak Safety Device should be completely replaced either four years from the first documented drop test on-site or after the date stamped on the device.


Manntech and CoxGomyl building maintenance units

Alimak Service provides a comprehensive range of service and support solutions for Manntech and CoxGomyl building maintenance units designed to optimise performance and support greater longevity for the equipment. Owners and operators of BMU systems should follow the guidelines from the original equipment manufacturer to preserve the safety and performance of the equipment.

Service intervals for BMUs are determined by the number of operating hours or time thresholds, usually whichever is reached first. Many standard BMUs should undergo servicing after 40 operating hours or 6 months depending on the frequency of cycles and the machine type.
Owners and operators of Manntech and CoxGomyl BMU systems should consult their local Alimak Service office to determine the required servicing schedule.

Owners should ensure that only genuine spare parts are used during any servicing work so as not to compromise the warranty of the equipment manufacturer. Depending on the condition of the equipment, additional maintenance work may also be required to replace or refurbish some components or systems.


Avanti wind turbine service lifts

The Service inspection of Avanti Service lifts and safety equipment is performed in accordance with Avanti Wind systems and local working regulations. All Avanti wind turbine lifts, ladders and fall protection systems must be inspected at least once a year.

It is the responsibility of the wind turbine owner to carry out this inspection.  Alimak Service is the brand used by Avanti to provide the authorized services, parts and upgrades. A service agreement with Alimak Service guarantee the safety and uptime of the Avanti safety products.


Get in touch with the Alimak Service team to find out more about the required maintenance schedules for Alimak Group’s vertical access equipment.

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