Alimak Service are dedicated to delivering the best possible range of maintenance and upkeep packages across all Alimak Group brands with the aim of keeping your vertical access systems performing reliably, efficiently and, above all, safely. As part of our commitment to our customers, the unique Alimak Service exchange programme for the vital safety device component installed on all Alimak construction hoists and elevators is specially designed to ensure continued safety standards and optimum performance within a cost effective and stress-free package.

Safety is always the paramount concern for any construction hoists or hard working industrial elevator.  Any equipment involved in working at height naturally presents a significant safety issue which needs to be appropriately and consistently managed in order to minimise potential harm. For tough environments where constructions hoists, an offshore elevator or industrial elevator are a key piece of infrastructure, the challenging conditions your vertical access equipment is exposed to can also be cause for additional safety concerns. This is not to mention the loss of productivity and efficiency associated with increased or unexpected downtime.

The importance of the Alimak Safety Device is hard to overstate in that it automatically engages when the rated speed of the car is exceeded to bring the unit to a controlled stop and cut off power to the motor drive. So that safety is protected against issues such as environmental damage or misuse causing wear and tear, the all-important safety device is housed in a concealed unit and should be replaced every four years or before the date stamped on the device plate.

The Alimak Safety Device Exchange Programme provides an easy and hassle free solution with a lifetime warranty on this most vital component for all Alimak construction hoists and industrial elevator products. Alimak Service are unrivalled as specialist experts on Alimak Group products, with our expertise and resources allowing us to offer a uniquely attractive alternative to non-exchangeable units. Since the 1960s, over 60,000 exchange units have been remanufactured to the highest standards using only genuine spare parts. Not only are Alimak genuine spare parts used in every safety device exchange, but every unit is remanufactured and updated using the latest modern parts and components to help you benefit from the latest innovations and developments without the cost of total replacement. Following extensive testing, replacement safety devices are certified and shipped throughout our network of service centres around the globe to ensure the best possible availability and convenience.

Contact us to find out more about the benefits of the safety device exchange programme and how the wider range of Alimak Service packages can help you to maximise the safety and productivity of your vertical access systems for peace of mind on your investment and the wellbeing of your people.

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