Alimak Service is a global leader in vertical access service solutions. We provide a full range of service, parts, and training solutions, delivered by a global service support network across 100 countries. Our mission is to ensure the highest level of product uptime and safety, over the total life cycle of your equipment.

Alimak Service are committed to ensuring safe working practices during the ongoing use of products and are dedicated to keeping our people, our customers and all those engaged with vertical access equipment, safe and compliant.

Outside of compliance, it is recommended that worksites develop a positive safety culture.

The safety culture of an organisation is the product of individual and group values, attitudes, perceptions, competencies, and patterns of behaviour that determine the commitment to, and style and proficiency of, an organisations health and safety management.

Organisations with a positive safety culture are characterised by communications founded on mutual trust, shared perceptions of the importance of safety and by confidence in the robustness of preventive measures.

As industry leaders, Alimak Service have collated three of the best practices to help foster this culture.

  1. Provide diverse, high-quality training

All industrial and construction sites can benefit from regular, high-quality training. As industry practices develop, it is important that workers knowledge on safe working practices and product operation is kept up to date to avoid safety risks.

Alimak Service offers a wide range of training courses delivered through a blend of classroom and online learning-based resources. As a leader in the vertical access industry, we are dedicated to promoting the highest standards of training and work closely with several leading safety and industry organisations to ensure content delivered adheres to or exceeds regulatory and legislative framework.

  1. Conduct regular equipment inspections

Regular inspections of Alimak Group equipment should be carried out both by trained service technicians and duty holders, to ensure optimal performance and safety is effectively maintained to safeguard against safety risks arising from compliance and maintenance issues. Likewise, the procedures implemented by equipment operators should be regularly monitored to ensure adherence to all relevant regulations and guidance is maintained.

Through our memberships to some of the world’s leading safety and industry organisations, Alimak Service actively promotes and seeks to improve practices for the operation and maintenance of vertical access equipment. To this effect, Alimak Service offers a wide range of inspections and certifications to support our customers in demonstrating that their equipment is compliant to the regulatory framework in which they operate, and their people are competent in its use.

  1. Foster a culture of positive accountability

The responsibility of ensuring workplace safety and taking accountability for identifying potential hazards and risks should not be only limited to safety professionals. A culture of encouraging safety awareness and responsibility by all employees and contractors is key. Outside of practical safety solutions such as training and inspections, ensuring that a strong safety culture is in place is the most important step. This starts with senior management, who should set an example of a safety culture for all employees.

Contact the team at Alimak Service to learn more about the range of available services to help assist in developing a safe workplace culture.

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