Industrial Elevators

Industrial elevators are a vital piece of infrastructure across a wide range of industries and types of structure. They provide access solutions in situations where other systems are simply not fit for purpose and allow people to perform hugely varied but very often critical tasks often related to monitoring, servicing, maintenance and ensuring the continued smooth, efficient running of their operations. Bearing in mind that it is simply not possible for day to day business operation to continue without them, making appropriate arrangements for the servicing and maintenance of your valuable industrial elevators is just as important as the equipment itself.

Servicing and maintenance is especially important given that the environments where industrial elevators are required are often harsh and challenging, whether that is in the construction industry, for large-scale farming, for all types of power stations, at factories and processing plants dealing with metals, chemicals, cement, paper or pulp, for mining operations both aboveground and underground, or for oil and gas facilities both on-shore and off-shore. Industrial elevators are also an indispensable ingredient in the efficient working practices of shipyards and ports, as well as providing access for the maintenance and upkeep of some of the most famous and complex landmark structures in the world. Industrial elevators can also be found playing a vital role in the maintenance of public infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels which help keep our town and cities moving.

Industrial elevators from quality suppliers have been developed to withstand harsh conditions, both those related to the industrial or construction activity itself and the natural environmental conditions which require the system to withstand extremes of heat or cold. However, these extreme conditions will unavoidably take their toll on any machine over years of service. This makes regular maintenance and servicing by qualified experts an essential task which ensures the continued effectiveness and efficiency of your equipment and, more importantly, the safety of your people.

The intended usages and functionality of industrial elevators can, understandably, be as varied as the nature of the work being undertaken in such a broad cross-section of industrial activities. Industrial elevators designed and produced by industry leaders such as Alimak are often customized and tailored to the needs of the specific industry concerned and those raised by the individual client depending on the requirements of their unique operation.Alimak Service’s team have all the necessary knowledge and training to take on the responsibility for the upkeep of any industrial elevator from standard models to the most unique, customised machines.

Whether industrial lifts are being used as people carriers to safely get key people where they need to be safely, for transporting heavy loads or potentially hazardous materials, Alimak Service, as part of the Alimak Group, has become well established as the name to trust for expert maintenance and repairs using genuine spare parts.