As part of Alimak Group’s companies, Alimak Service are uniquely positioned to provide tailored service and support solutions for the continuing optimal functionality of a wide range of essential vertical access products from leading global brand names including building maintenance units from Manntech and CoxGomyl.

The close relationship with these leading providers of the highest quality building maintenance units means that the Alimak Service team can deliver unrivalled product specific knowledge and expertise across a wide range of service solutions. This includes inspections, maintenance, servicing, easy access to genuine spare parts from the original equipment manufacturers and, not least, a range of training services delivered by knowledgeable and experienced industry experts. Our extensive offering now includes the new addition of BMU Duty Holder Training and BMU Basic Operator Training courses. These courses have been successfully deployed in a classroom setting and the positive feedback we received led us to develop the world’s first dedicated BMU eLearning training courses.

Alimak Service’s BMU operator training is now offered as an online course for maximum accessibility and convenience. This is a state of the art service developed using the latest technology to provide online learning in a 3D environment. The online training framework has been developed from the ground up in order to meet the specific industry needs associated with BMU operators. Interactive 3D graphics are combined with a virtual ‘white board’ screen which effectively communicates the theoretical aspects of the course. The training can be undertaken using a PC, tablet or mobile device providing access anytime and anywhere. This flexibility allows for training to be completed based on your own schedule while also saving the time and expense involved with travel and accommodation. In fact, the online version of BMU operator training has proved four times faster to complete than the classroom version.

Well-established, world leading providers of facade access solutions always put safety at the core of every product they design and manufacture. Safety standards can of course be compromised, however, when individual operators are not sufficiently well trained in the use of this highly-engineered equipment. All of which can put the safety of the operators themselves, building tenants and the general public at risk. All of the specific expertise of Alimak Service has been built into our recently launched eLearning course for BMU operators. In order to ensure the highest possible standards of safety and reduce the risks of harm as far as possible, we highly recommend that BMU operators complete this course either online or in the classroom in combination with a hands on familiarisation course. The development of all our training resources is driven by our commitment to make the building maintenance units we work with the safest building access solutions available on the market.

These pioneering BMU Operator Training courses are easy and convenient for the designated booking manager to register for through our Training Management System. Certificates are stored online and issued immediately upon course completion.
Contact us to discuss the details and benefits of our advanced online training options.

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