Our reputation for reliability, safety, performance and cost of ownership of our products is world renowned, and as a result, Alimak Service offer a range of refurbishment solutions designed to extend the operational life of the installed equipment and maximise the value from your investment. The equipment refurbishment and upgrade packages we offer are unparalleled in the vertical access industry. The range of offerings includes:

Complete refurbishments

Extend the operational life of the equipment with a complete or partial overhaul of the structural, mechanical, hydraulic and safety systems. Our service centres have dedicated technicians and resources for managing the complete refurbishment process from the initial evaluation through to the final installation and re-certification. For high complexity and major refurbishments, Alimak Service utilise the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in one of our 12 product factories.

Product Upgrades

A programme focused on individual or limited number of key components to improve performance or functionality of the equipment. Upgrades are normally required when bespoke or aged components become obsolete or unviable to repair. Alimak Service are experts in providing solutions for the upgrade of electrical, control, mechanical and hydraulic systems.

All of our programmes include the following benefits:

  • Full inspection and evaluation report of the equipment
  • Detailed proposal to assist the customer in making an informed decision as to the cost effectiveness of the refurbishment
  • Work carried out by highly skilled technicians, fully warranted and to the latest industry standards
  • Genuine Spare Parts for quality and longevity

The above packages are intended to reduce the downtime and inconvenience caused by unscheduled repairs or reduced performance of aged equipment during the normal lifecycle, or equipment exposed to severe environmental or operating conditions.

Alimak Service can incorporate an on-going assessment of the condition of your equipment as part of a comprehensive service package and allows the owner to budget for future work. Refurbishing installed equipment also has a positive impact on our shared environmental footprint.