Alimak Service is a global leader in vertical access service solutions, providing a full range of service, parts and training solutions to owners and operators of Alimak Group equipment. What’s more, all Alimak Service solutions are delivered by a global service support network across 100 countries with the mission to ensure the highest level of product uptime and safety over the total life cycle of all equipment.

Remote monitoring is available as part of Alimak Service’s asset management servicing offering. Remote monitoring is an online platform specifically designed to monitor vertical access equipment. The remote monitoring portal collects and displays a wide variety of operational information and data, such as the number of starts and stops and hours in operation, to provide owners with an accurate analysis of the utilisation of their equipment. Moreover, remote monitoring also serves as a fault tracing tool to support the remote diagnosis of equipment to avoid unnecessary site visits and keep downtime to a minimum.

The supplementary benefits of implementing remote monitoring and management into operations on a construction or industrial site include decreased cost of ownership as faults are identified early and can be corrected before a major system overhaul is required. Additionally, the performance insights provided by the remote monitoring system can assist in decision making surrounding the equipment, such as when an additional system or upgrade may be required.

Many of Alimak’s projects have successfully utilised the remote monitoring system to assist in maintaining an optimal level of efficiency. In a construction application, the Bosco Verticale building development in Milan, Italy, demonstrates the benefits of the technology. During the construction of the two skyscrapers, two Alimak construction hoists were utilised, each fitted with a remote monitoring system to overcome the challenge of keeping hoist downtime to a minimum and meeting the construction deadline. The system regularly sent activity reports back to the job site engineers, ensuring that any potential issues were rectified swiftly.

Similarly, the monitoring system was equally helpful in an industrial application for the Boliden’s Aitik mine expansion project. A total of seven Alimak industrial elevators were delivered to the site in Sweden, each equipped with the monitoring technology for the efficient operation of the elevators around the clock.

Alimak Service and Alimak continuously invest in further developing the remote monitoring solution to offer new features bringing additional customer value. Contact the Alimak Service team to learn more about how the remote monitoring system could aid the operations of your Alimak equipment.

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