Alimak Service is a global leader in vertical access service solutions, providing a full range of service, parts, and training solutions. Delivered by a worldwide service support network across 100 countries, Alimak Service’s mission is to ensure the highest level of product uptime and safety over the total life cycle of all Alimak Group equipment.

The skilled service technicians at Alimak Service are often responsible for coordinating replacement solutions for facade access equipment. Each service centre globally features dedicated technicians and resources for managing the complete process from the initial evaluation to the final installation and re-certification.

Learn more about the replacement projects of facade access systems undertaken by Alimak Service:

One Oxford Centre, Pittsburgh

One Oxford Centre is one of Pittsburgh’s most well-known structures. The 187-meter-high structure, which was completed in 1983, accommodates a variety of commercial firms and retailers. Alimak Service oversaw the installation of a new facade access system to replace the existing solution, which consisted of four twin arm rolling davit units that were installed during the building’s construction in the 1980s. The innovative and cost-effective solution, developed with CoxGomyl, consisted of four twin jib building maintenance units.

Lloyds of London, London

The Lloyd’s of London building is an essential landmark in London’s Central Business District. The building’s facade is a prominent example of Britain’s modern architectural style in the last half-century, contrasting the country’s significant historical buildings. Alimak Service in coordination with Manntech, updated the building’s ageing facade access system consisting of 17 replacement building maintenance units in total, allowing the Richard Rogers-designed structure to be maintained indefinitely.

Rockefeller Center, New York

1271 Avenue of the Americas is a significant historic structure in the American built environment. It was the first of four towers within the landmark Rockefeller Center, constructed in 1959. Alimak Service and CoxGomyl were entrusted with devising and executing a well-researched building access solution when it became evident that a new and modern facade access system was needed to protect this gem in the Manhattan cityscape. The Alimak Service team delivered a facade access solution incorporating two building maintenance units for a seamless installation using various installation methods and pre-planned strategies.

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