Alimak Service is the world’s leading provider of vertical access service solutions. Alimak Service offers a comprehensive range of services through a global service support network of more than 100 countries. Our objective is to ensure the highest level of product uptime and safety throughout the entire life cycle of all Alimak Group equipment, including Alimak, CoxGomyl, Manntech, and Avanti.

Alimak Group’s vertical access solutions are designed and manufactured in 12 production facilities utilising the highest quality OEM components. Alimak Service, as a leading maintenance provider, provides genuine spare parts for all equipment services.

Alimak Service technicians guarantee ensure that these genuine spare parts are sourced directly from our product factories, ensuring that the original criteria are met for optimal performance. Moreover, with such a vast global network, Alimak Service can provide superior parts availability, reducing downtime on construction and industrial sites.

Outside of Alimak Service’s general commitment to sourcing high quality, genuine parts quickly, there is an abundance of benefits of employing genuine spare parts.

Lower total cost of ownership

By utilising replacement parts from a competitor brand, owners of Alimak Group equipment may save money in the short term. However, these parts will likely require more frequent maintenance as they aren’t explicitly designed for the intended use. As a result, repeated care or replacement may be required, adding up in the long run.

Constant Innovation

Alimak Service ensures that when sourcing replacement parts that the most up-to-date version is offered. OEMs are often updated as developments are made in the relevant technology and research fields. The same cannot be guaranteed for aftermarket parts.

Guaranteed compliance

Parts sourced from aftermarket retailers may not be covered by any applicable Alimak Group warranties. By utilising genuine spare parts from Alimak Service’s network, owners can continue to benefit from warranty when appropriate.

Increased safety

Alimak Service prioritises the safety of all operators of Alimak Group vertical access products. Unfortunately, the use of imitation parts can compromise the equipment’s overall security due to poor manufacturing, materials, or overall quality, placing operators at risk of hazards or machine failure.

Learn more about Alimak Service’s utilisation of genuine spare parts, or contact the Alimak Service team to discuss the implementation of a maintenance or servicing schedule for your Alimak Group equipment.


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