Having correctly trained personnel is critical in ensuring the safe use of vertical access equipment. The owners of vertical access equipment have a duty of care to ensure that persons using, operating, installing or maintaining equipment are properly trained to carry out the required task. Having the correct training, in addition to the correct tools and PPE/PFPE goes a long way to avoid hazards and mitigate the risks associated with working at height. Deciding who needs to be trained and to what level can be challenging and sometimes not fully understood, especially as requirements will differ between one country or region to another and between the different types of vertical access equipment.

If your organisation is unsure about what training is required or need help with identifying gaps in current provision, then it is advisable to seek advice from a professional training organisation, who have the correct knowledge, experience and skills to identify the correct training requirement for the regulatory framework in which the equipment is being used and the specific needs for the different types of equipment users.

Ole Jenson, Global Training Manager for the Alimak Group recognises the importance of training and says “customer training is a very important area for the Alimak Group to ensure our users have the right competence level to ensure high safety and the right utilisation of our products”. Ole goes on to mention that training is not just about safety, but also about product satisfaction. “Customer surveys indicate that customers that have the right level of training within their organisation are more pleased with their products and willing to recommend the products in the future”.

Global Health, Safety and Training Manager Fortunately for the owners and operators of Alimak, Avanti, CoxGomyl and Manntech vertical access equipment there is an easy solution to the training challenge. Introducing Alimak Service, the dedicated global service organisation for Alimak, Avanti, CoxGomyl and Manntech products have training teams located around the world to provide users and operators of our equipment with the best available training in the vertical access industry.

Alimak Service offers training to support the safe operation, maintenance and installation of our equipment. We also offer a wide range of personal safety training courses and deliver courses through a mixture of classroom and e-learning based resources. As a driving force in the vertical access industry, Alimak Service are dedicated to promoting the highest standards of training and work closely with several leading safety and industry organisations to ensure the content we deliver adheres too or exceeds regulatory and legislative framework. Alimak Service actively promote and adopt the best working practices currently available in the industry and update our training to reflect these positive changes.

Our training courses are focused on Five key areas:
– Personal Safety Training
– Operator Training
– Technical Training
– Installation Training
– Duty Holder Training

Alimak Service provide a flexible approach to training with classroom-based courses located at one of our dedicated global service centres and state of the art e-learning, that can be accessed anywhere and at any time, providing essential support to people in remote locations. Alimak Service support our customers in developing their own individual training pathway, keeping a record of completed training and provide updates when refreshers and re-certification is required. Furthermore, some training courses can be conducted on-site subject to standard requirements being met to ensure the safety of all participants.

For more information on training courses available for Alimak, Avanti, CoxGomyl and Manntech products in your location, please contact your local Alimak Service centre here

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