Wherever your equipment is in the world, Alimak Service offers a range of solutions that are tailored to maximise the productivity of your equipment. Through our global service support network, Alimak Service offers comprehensive packages that are designed to care for your products and the people who operate them.

As a part of a broad service offering, Alimak Service offer complete refurbishments for vertical access equipment. Across the globe, dedicated Alimak Service technicians can effectively manage the complete refurbishment process from the initial evaluation through to the final installation and re-certification.

The benefits of a refurbishment solution for Alimak Group products are abundant.

  1. Reduced cost of ownership

When it comes to aging machines, often the cost of repairs for unplanned breakdowns can exceed the investment in a total refurbishment in the long run. Likewise, a replacement may be unfeasible if some parts are still in working order. Alimak Service offer a detailed proposal to assist customers in making an informed decision as to the cost effectiveness of the refurbishment.

  1. Increased productivity

All Alimak Service refurbishment projects are carried out according to the latest industry standards, meaning that the most modern technology is always used, often resulting in increased efficiency of operations and productivity on site. To illustrate, a refurbishment of an older model Alimak industrial elevator could see improvements in remote monitoring, ensuring that any future complications are identified in a timely manner.

  1. Improved safety

Industry regulations regarding safety can change rapidly. Refurbishments provide an opportunity for upgrades relating to the mechanisms that safeguard against safety and keep operators away from harm. What’s more, this ensures that the equipment is fully compliant to the local regulatory framework.

  1. Added site value

Refurbishment of vertical access equipment can in fact increase the value of the building or site on which it operates. For example, the provision of facade maintenance can protect against damage caused from environmental pressures or pests, ensuring its long-term condition, and increasing its market value. A worthy investment for the future.

Learn more about the provision of Alimak Service refurbishment solutions or contact the team to discuss how a refurbishment may benefit your Alimak Group equipment.

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