Wherever our customer’s equipment is in the world, Alimak Service offers a range of solutions tailored to maximise your equipment’s productivity. Through a global service support network, Alimak Service provides comprehensive packages designed to care for all Alimak Group products and the people who operate them.

Comprehensive service solutions

Alimak Service provides a wide variety of service solutions specifically built to fulfil the needs of all customers who operate in a wide range of challenging conditions. Alimak Service’s personnel and service centres are strategically located near our customers’ equipment, allowing us to respond quickly when they need general maintenance, refurbishments, training, or inspections.

Total lifecycle management

Alimak Service offers a variety of product support packages designed to handle the lifecyle of equipment, allowing our customers to focus on operation rather than maintenance. The support packages combine features from the Alimak Service product and customer support offering with additional customised benefits to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Fully certified technicians

Alimak Service’s technicians have received factory training and are fully certified to work at heights and in specialised situations. Furthermore, because safety is at the heart of all service delivery, customers can be confident that when they choose Alimak Service, their equipment will be maintained to the highest industry standards by the most qualified professionals.

Genuine spare parts

Alimak Group products are made with the highest quality components. They are manufactured in one of 12 product factories who produce genuine spare parts. Alimak Service only sells authentic spare parts made and sourced to the same exacting standards to ensure that the equipment is always in top working order.

Complete compliance

Alimak Service actively supports and endeavours to improve procedures for the operation and maintenance of vertical access equipment through participation in some of the world’s leading safety and industry associations. To assist our customers in establishing that their equipment is consistent with the regulatory environment in which they operate, Alimak Service offers a variety of inspections and certifications for complete compliance.

Learn more about the full range of services available from Alimak Service, or contact the team to organise support for your Alimak Group products.

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